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Adventure ongoing tells a story about a boy from a parallel world. His father died, leaving behind things, among which the main character finds broken scissors. Learning from his mother that his father was a gardener in the past, the boy goes in search of master Sasuke, who made this instrument.

When will the anime “Hizukuri / Made with fire season 2” come out?

The release of the continuation of the anime is not currently planned. It is known that the author of a short animated film, Matsuura Naoki, created a project using personal funds. Work on the 1st part of the anime was completed in the spring of 2018, and the author does not think about the new part of the film yet.

Idea and storyline of the film

The idea of ​​creating this anime was born to Naoki Matsuura during his studies at the Musashino University of Arts. The master of scissors Sasuke and the truth exists in our world, and it was the meeting with him that pushed the author of the “Small Succession” to interesting reflections on the significance of the things that we produce. “All things, in the end, will break” so this idea is described on the official website.

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Naoki Matsuura talks about the “one-off” of our daily routine, everything that breaks down can easily be replaced and it’s reasonable, each of us takes advantage of this. But after all, our involvement in the surrounding objects has a strong influence on our worldview … And the cheapest products, attachments and responsibilities for which we do not feel – can not it educate our tougher attitude towards people?

So in touch with the skillful work of the master, the author felt that it was not just scissors made by one master, but it was the embodiment of one “thought” that many artisans came to through many generations. Then, in the head of Naoki, the question arose: “Does my work cause me to feel when I touched scissors, at people?”. After a meeting with Sasuke after 5 years, the author was determined to make this animated film, revealing the deep themes of self-knowledge through environmental objects.

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This scissors are the point

News and interesting facts

  • The very inventor Sasuke-san took part in the creation of the anime “Hizukuri / Small legacy” at the request of Naoka Matsuura.
  • The money for the creation was collected through crawfunding from individual investors. The website with fundraising is available on the official anime website. Your support will help create your amazing movie!
  • The background world of this work is shared by the same short animated film of the author under the name “Hitoshizuku”, which he created for his thesis. Subjects and messages of the films are different, but the stylistics of the unusual and fascinating animation has been preserved.
  • Naoki Matsuura is mainly engaged in freelancing, developing projects for clients, most often short films of high quality. This anime is one of the first serious original works. All of his paintings can be evaluated on his official website.
  • The beginning of the development of the project coincided with the anniversary of the Japanese animation culture. At this point, the anime story consisted of 150 years of hard work by artists and screenwriters. The author writes about it this way: “I want the animation still to be one of the entertaining things among people for another 150 years”.
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Hizukuri / Made with fire season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1not announced
2x02Series 2not announced
2x03Series 3not announced
2x04Series 4not announced
2x05Series 5not announced
2x06Series 6not announced
2x07Series 7not announced
2x08Series 8not announced
2x09Series 9not announced
2x10Series 10not announced

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