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The series “Homeland” was created as an adaptation of the Israel project “Prisoners of War”. In this series everything is collected: intricate stories, detective persecution, the prevention of terrorist acts, the search for dangerous criminals and traitors. After the first season premiere of the series had a stunning success. The audience literally demanded continuation. As a result, on the court of viewers the creators of the series offered as much as 8 seasons! Enjoy watching!

Genre – psychological thriller, drama, detective.
Number of seasons – 8 (12 episodes each).
Timing of the series – 46-65 min.

When will the series “Homeland season 8” come out ?

Officially, the premiere of the film “Homeland Season 8” is scheduled for February 9, 2020. In an interview with Howard Gordon, the screenwriter for the series, the work depends on many factors, but so far everything is on a strict schedule.


1 season (premiere on October 2, 2011)

American soldier Nicholas Brody, as officially announced, was killed during the military operations in Pakistan in 2003. Eight years later, during a special operation in Afghanistan, a tormented military detainee, still held captive by the Al Qaeda terrorist group, was discovered. Returning the hero home is the main news. The entire population of America considers the surviving soldier a hero, but not just a CIA special agent, Carrie Matheson. She is sure that Brody is recruited by the head of terrorists Abu Nazir. The soldier has only to prove his patriotism and service to his homeland, while the CIA agent tries to bring him to clean water in all possible and impossible ways.

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Season 2 (September 30, 2012)

Life Brody gradually begins to improve. The main terrorist Abu Nazir was liquidated. But all efforts to prove their devotion to the homeland are in vain after the explosion in the building of the CIA, where a large number of employees die. All suspicions fall naturally on Brody.

Season 3 (September 29, 2013)

After the events of season 2, Carrie continues to trust Brody, and therefore helps him escape abroad. It is obvious to the agent that someone has framed him. Carrie acts according to her plan, trying to catch the traitor, who is also her colleague in the service. At this time, Brody manages to infiltrate a terrorist group led by Danesh Akbari. His goal is to destroy the terrorist.

4 season (October 5, 2014)

Carrie becomes the CIA chief in Kabul. In the course of complex operations to search for a terrorist group in Pakistan led by Haysam Haqqani, she gives a command to destroy it. But there is an unforeseen event: together with the bandits, about 40 civilians, who are going to the wedding, are dying. Somehow snippets of the terrible wedding video get into the media, which leads to a big scandal. Carrie is removed from the case and returned to the United States. There she will have to find out who has rigged everything and what intentions he pursues.

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5 season (October 4, 2015)

It takes 2 years since the last events. Carrie left the CIA. Now she lives in Berlin and works as a security specialist in the private agency Otto Dühring. But everything changes at a time when she herself becomes the new task of CIA operative Peter Quinn. At this time, Dühring sends Carrie to Syria for a special mission.

Season 6 (January 15, 2017)

Carrie moves to New York. Here she finds work in organizing assistance to American Muslims. All events revolve around the upcoming presidential elections. And, as always, great responsibility and safety of people falls on her shoulders.

Season 7 (February 11, 2018)

Carrie moves to Washington. The plot of this season is closely intertwined with the previous one. She will have to release about two hundred people of the intelligence community, who, on the orders of the new president, were immediately arrested.

Season 8 (premiere is planned in 2019)

The plot of the season 8 at the moment is unknown. Although its creation was announced back in August 2016.

Actors and roles

  • Actress Claire Dines starring Carrie Matheson, a CIA employee.
  • Mandy Patinkin in the role of Saul Berenson, friend and mentor Carrie.
  • Elizabeth Marvel as US President Elizabeth Keane.
  • Mori Sterling as a freelance video surveillance specialist Max Petrovsky.
  • Jake Weber in the role of scandalous TV presenter Brett O’Keefe.
  • Actor Rupert Friend in the role of CIA operative Peter Quinn.
  • Lynas Roach as the head of the administration of American President David Wellington.
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6 interesting facts

  1. The TV series Rodina is interesting because, through the role of the CIA’s special agent, Carrie Mattison, the filmmakers showed their attitude to the conflicting US policy in Iraq.
  2. The writers of the series Howard Gordon and Alex Hans were, to some extent, “prophets”. So, the plot of the 5th season is very similar to the tragic events in Paris that happened after the film was released.
  3. Before the creation of each film, not only actors, but also other participants in the film crew, consulted with current and former CIA employees.
  4. The stories of the CIA about IGIL, Russian President V.Putin, terrorist threats and disagreements with Ukraine prompted the creation of the plot of the 5th season.
  5. The entire film crew was given the opportunity to take part in an excursion to the CIA offices.
  6. In 2012, the series and its actors received three Emmy Awards: as the best drama series, actress Claire Danes and Damien Lewis – as the best actress / actor in the drama series.

Homeland season 8: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
8x01Series 1February 9, 2020
8x02Series 2February 16, 2020
8x03Series 3February 23, 2020
8x04Series 4March 1, 2020
8x05Series 5March 8, 2020
8x06Series 6March 15, 2020
8x07Series 7March 22, 2020
8x08Series 8March 29, 2020
8x09Series 9April 5, 2020
8x10Series 10April 12, 2020

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