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What is the person pushed by political power? Intrigues, gossip, scandals and even murders can seep into the home of any of the servants of the state. Congressman Frank Underwood can create clear moves. He does not care who will suffer, because the main thing is to achieve the goal.

When will the series “House of Cards Season 7” be released?

Premiere of the House of Cards Season 7 will not take place. After the scandal involving the starring Kevin Spacey, it was decided to complete the sixth season in eight series and close the series – the information is posted on the Netflix video sharing, which broadcasted all previous seasons.


Garrett Walker suggests Underwood to commit another fraud. Walker dreams of becoming the president of the United States, and, in exchange for assistance, Frank will take the chair of the Secretary of State. As soon as Garrett is president, he discards his colleague – Linda Vaskez tells Underwood that an entirely different person will be appointed secretary.

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Without waiting for such a turn of events, Underwood and his wife decide to take revenge on the new ruler until he leaves his post. In a short time, Frank is seeking the post of President of the United States. For several seasons, his wife helps him, but the battle for power had a detrimental effect on Frank’s relationship with his wife – Claire was tired of the adultery and intrigues of her husband.

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How to build a house of cards
How to build a house of cards

So many new things she discovered for herself during this time, that the old feelings for the spouse disappeared without a trace. With his help, Claire manages to achieve the post of president. When the man said that they will be the two to rule the country, he was unequivocally refused, because Claire was not going to share power.

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After experiencing so many betrayals from an expensive person, she decided that it was time to throw it off. Thus, having removed her husband from the post of president, the main hero of season 6 and the new ruler of America, was Mrs. Underwood, who controls the authorities at her discretion.

Actors and their roles

  • Frank Underwood – Kevin Spacey. A smart actor, with many awards and theater awards. Cult films with his participation consider “Seven”, “American Beauty”, “Return of Superman”. For the role of Boltun in the film “Suspicious Persons”, he received an Oscar.
  • Claire Underwood, wife – Robin Wright. Since 1983, developing in the acting field, later I tried myself as a director. Was filmed in the series “Santa Barbara”, which pleased the viewer for 10 years. Received the Golden Globe Award for the role of Claire in The House of Cards.
  • Douglas Stamper, Deputy of Frank – Michael Kelly. He appeared in the paintings “Man of Steel”, “Everest”, “Illusion of Deception”, “Law Abiding Citizen”.
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Interesting Facts

  1. In the middle of shooting season 6, Spacey was accused of sexual harassment. The man did not deny, apologizing to the public, but the management of the series decided to remove the main character from filming, which caused a wave of discontent. The audience refused to view the picture, which influenced the future fate of the series.
  2. Since 2013, the film has repeatedly received awards, wins and nominations. The average rating of the series is 80 out of 100 viewers, which is an excellent result.
  3. Shooting of the season 6 lasted almost a year, twice postponed on the occasion of the conflict with Spacey and the death of one of the actors.

House of Cards season 7 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
7x01Series 1series closed
7x02Series 2series closed
7x03Series 3series closed
7x04Series 4series closed
7x05Series 5series closed
7x06Series 6series closed
7x07Series 7series closed
7x08Series 8series closed
7x09Series 9series closed
7x10Series 10series closed

Top 10 Most Shocking House of Cards Moments

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