House of Wax 2

The creators of the first part have repeatedly said that they plan to shoot the continuation of the horror film. However, there is no exact information about the filming date or the development of the script yet.

Will the “House of Wax 2” be released?

Most likely the plot of the second film will echo the first, which means that the viewer is expected to have unusual plot twists, realistic special effects and shivers from what’s happening on the screen.

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House of Wax 2

Script for “House of Wax 2” is not yet in development. There is an opinion that the actions will unfold in the same town, and the new protagonists will face even more perverted ways of killing.

As of December 2021, there is no information that a sequel to “House of Wax” is planned for release.


The first film begins rather banal, like most modern Hollywood horror films. A group of young people are going to rest. On the way, they have a car breakdown, and they are forced to seek help from local residents. From the outset, the city causes some fears and inspires fear.

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The guys understand that something strange is happening in the village, but it does not even occur to them how frightening the truth will be. In fact, the village turns out to be absolutely empty, and all the people who managed to notice are wax figures. The worst is revealed later. The fact is that each of the wax figures is actually a man who was doused alive with boiling wax.

Interesting fact

One of the main characters is played by Paris Hilton. The director immediately decided to take on the role of it, and the girl was approved even without trial and listening.

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Critics believe that this was done only in order to draw attention to the picture and increase the fees. I must say that this move was indeed correct. Many went to the cinema just because they wanted to see the famous Paris on the screen.

House of Wax 2

I must say that the critics were rather ambivalent about the film. Some were enthusiastic about the idea and even praised the actor’s play of Hollywood beauty.

She really played quite convincingly and reliably. Given the format of this film, a greater disclosure of the character’s character from Paris Hilton was not required. Some desperately scolded this film, saying that such a genre as horror has long since outlived itself, and such pictures are extremely predictable and uninteresting.

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Reviews and criticism

Many spectators were dissatisfied with some plot moves, arguing that the heroes perform certain actions without any motivation or logic.

On the one hand it spoils the impression a little. On the other hand, it gives more realism, because if a person were actually in such a situation, it is likely that not all of his actions would be considered and adequate.

I want to note that this film has its own unusual atmosphere. The picture is taken quite effectively. Despite stereotyped moves and patterns, it remains fascinating and not boring. Such a movie can be reviewed several times.

House of Wax 2: release date

NameSeries titleRelease date
House of WaxPart 2not announced

House of Wax 2 Trailer

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