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More recently, Hiccup is the leader of the island, which is inhabited by people and dragons. In an effort to protect the amazing creatures from poachers and evil hunters, Hiccup was looking for a place where domesticated little animals would feel safe. Being on Berk becomes unsafe for them, because the island is overcrowded with inhabitants and the whole district already knows about a large number of dragons living in these parts.

When will the film “How to Train Your Dragon 4” come out?

The audience is constantly hearing about the intentions to close the animation project “How to Train Your Dragon”. Social networks have promised fans that Part 3, which premiered on February 21, 2019, will be the last. But loyal viewers do not despair and expect good news from the representatives of the studio “DreamWorks Animation”.


During his short life, Hiccup overcame many trials. Most of them are associated with dragons, which he truly adores. Evil hunters constantly hunt them, but no one wants to recognize dragons as their comrades. From this between the people of Hiccup and hunters constantly arise enmity.

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The main enemy of dragon lovers is Grimmel the Grisly – he is an incomparable dragon catcher who uses poor animals for mercenary purposes. Especially the villain was interested in the Hiccup’s dragon – Toothless, who is the only representative of the Night Fury species, and his price on the black market would have made Grimmel rich overnight.

Having come up with a cunning plan, the villain sends the dragon out of sight the Light Fury to Toothless. Both creatures fall in love with each other, but a moment of happiness did not last long. Grimmel captured the Light Fury and, with the threat of death, made Toothless make sure that the dragons that obey him followed Grimmel.

Frame from the film

Thanks to Hiccup and his efforts, Toothless was able to free his beloved and fight in battle with Grimmel and his company. Having won, Hiccup realizes that it is not safe for dragons to live among people and sends his dear Toothless to a hidden world where other dragons dwell. There can not settle people.

A few years after the farewell, Hiccup marries Astrid and they have children. In the next journey, Hiccup with his family nails to the rocks where Toothless lies with three dragon whelps and the Light Fury…

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The end of part 3 was that, according to Hiccup, dragons would manifest themselves when people were ready for peaceful coexistence with them. Hiccup’s dream of friendship between humans and dragons has come true. And who will be the main character of the new story?

Main characters

  • Hiccup – was able to connect his Viking tribe with dragons, in recent films he was a leader, flew Toothless, teaches riding dragons at school, kind, sympathetic, in love with Astrid, works well with iron, is able to create them, for example the missing part of the tail Toothless is designed by Hiccup – Jay Baruchel.
  • Valka – for decades helped the dragons, while she lived in the sanctuary of the King of Dragons, Hiccup’s mother – Cate Blanchett.
  • Astrid – a viking girl, fearless, ready for any fight, perfectly knows the traditions of her own tribe, owns the art of throwing axes, is the bride, and later Hiccup’s wife and mother of his children – America Ferrera.
  • Snotlout – Hiccup ‘s friend, a member of the dragon academy, has great physical strength, while being able to cheat easily, flies on Krivokryl, whose character is not far from the nature of Snotlout himself – Jonah Hill.

Interesting Facts

  1. The budget of part 1 cost 165 million dollars, 145 million was allocated for part 2, and for part 3 – 160 million. Such fabulous sums are used in the best action films. For example, the blockbuster “Rampage“, the veracity of the effects of which was rated by the harshest critics of our time, cost the film company $160 million.
  2. A native of Honduras, America Ferrera is known to the audience on the comedy television series “Ugly Betty”, which has been broadcast since 2006. The picture was a success, and America was able to get for the main role in the project several awards and nominations.
  3. Jonah Hill notes that the cartoon How to Train Your Dragon is his favorite animated piece. Basically, the actor focuses on full-length comedies, moreover in which he himself is being shot, but the cartoon has taken a certain place in his soul.
  4. Dean DeBlois has repeatedly become the director of the cartoon. Back in 1998, he already received his well-deserved award for the cartoon “Mulan”. DeBlois nominated for an Oscar, but has not yet managed to get an award. We wish him good luck!
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How to Train Your Dragon 4 release date

NumberRelease date
How to Train Your Dragon 4not announced

HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON: THE HIDDEN WORLD | Kit Harington Auditions with Toothless

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