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Kind troll Hugo is well known to more than one generation of spectators. Someone remembers him on the games on the SEGA, someone still keeps on the shelves the memory of childhood in the form of stacks of disks with games about Hugo. It was games that became the basis for the creation of this animated film. The cartoon tells about the incredible adventures of the beloved hero. The premiere of the first part took place in 2017.

When “Hugo the world’s worst comeback 2” will  be released

As of December 2020, “Hugo Part 2” has not been announced. The director still does not give any comments about the continuation of the project. But fans of Hugo and his friends are still looking forward to meeting him again.

The plot of the cartoon about Hugo

Favorite childhood hero returns, after years of absence. Tired with age from fame and exploits, Hugo lives a quiet family life. But Fidget does not agree with such a reclusive way of life and does not let her father get bored. The girl dreams of pulling her father out of comfort and tranquility into the world of adventures.

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Hugo_DaddysGirlEverything changes when the beloved daughter is taken prisoner. Hugo has to remember the past and go to save the little Skrypuchka. The hero is stunned by what horizons opens before him the first output after a long break. A small rescuer meets many interesting characters. Hugo understands that he really missed these incredible impressions and sensations. A quiet domesticated man remembers what is courage, perseverance, freedom.

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So begins a new chapter on the adventures of Hugo. Wanting to surprise the world with new unimaginable exploits, the related tandem of Hugo and Fidget becomes famous all over the world. But the glory does not only make you smile, there is a great responsibility behind it. Can Hugo, after a long vacation, cope with all the villains and pranksters? We can be sure of this, because good always overcomes evil.

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What to expect from “Hugo the world’s worst comeback 2”?

The second part of “Hugo the world’s worst comeback” will once again plunge into the beloved world of trolls that live underground. According to numerous legends, they live very close to people, but are very angry and harmful creatures. However, the protagonist will refute these stereotypes and once again conquer the audience with his kindness and sociability.

It remains only to guess how many obstacles will arise on the way at Kuzka at this time. But we can say for sure that “Hugo the world’s worst comeback 2” will not leave indifferent neither children nor adults. Continuation of the adventures of your beloved Hugo, as always, will please us with smiles, laughter and pleasant nostalgia for their childhood. After all, the protagonist no longer intends to hide and is open to new fun and feats.

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News and interesting facts

  1. The official statement from the authors about the creation of the second part was not yet. But we can assume that the second episode will be released later.
  2. Production of this animated film is being done by Finland and Denmark.
  3. The main directors of the film are Mikko Pitkanen and Philip Einstein Lipsky.
  4. The main character became famous long before the appearance of the cartoon. Hugo is a cult figure in TV shows and games all over the world. His popularity he received back in 1990 and to this day he remains the favorite of many.

Hugo 2: cartoon release date

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