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All events unfold within the fictional world where magical animals dwell. Earth continents are located in a lake located on the Dark Continent. This is a very large area, inhabited by many dangers. There are laws that local residents must adhere to.

When will the anime “Hunter x Hunter Movie 3 / Hunter x Hunter 3” come out?

The part 3 of the anime “Hunter x Hunter” will not take place – this was announced before the release of the feature movie “Hunter x Hunter: The Last Mission”, which was final.


The organization of some Hunters has long been known on the Dark Continent. They are engaged in a variety of things – searching for the most naughty animals, various treasures and even killing other people.

Each of them has a special license, which gives the right to perform all of the above actions. They have the opportunity to travel in any transport and only first class. Also, hunters have access to classified information that ordinary citizens can not afford.

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These privileges force many children to take exams that contribute to obtaining a license. Curapika decided to become a hunter for a different purpose – he wanted at all costs to take revenge on the criminal group for the death of his clan. The eyes of the members of the Kurt group differed from the color of the eyes of other people – with emotional outbursts, the eyes became acid red.

The value of their clan was high, and after the extermination it became an extraordinary value. In the final film, Kurapika became a victim of a gang that kidnapped his eyes, but was soon able to restore his sight, and along with him to restore honor, dignity and the desired revenge for his enemies.

The actors of scoring / Seiyuu

  • Leorio Paladinite – decided to become a hunter to enrich himself – so he told his friends, but soon his plans were revealed. He is quick-tempered and eccentric in character. He highly appreciates his friends and will always come to their aid – Keiji Fujiwara.
  • Ghos Frix is ​​a 10-year-old boy, living with his aunt and grandmother. Gon’s father is the greatest hunter, but Gon learns about this from a stranger. He decides to go and pass the Hunter exam to start his father’s search. But he can not, because he has not reached the age of 12. 2 years, he is assiduously preparing and, finally, goes to his goal – Junko Takeuchi.
  • Killuu Zoldik – the boy was born into a hereditary family of mercenaries and was appointed successor to his father. But Killua does not want to kill people, the guy runs away from home and meets with Goon, and later becomes best friends. Killua adores sweets – once earned 200 million, he all the money was sent to delicious treats, spending 4 years – Kanako Mitsuhashi.
  • Kurapika – inspired by the idea of ​​the prospects of the Hunters, wants to catch criminals, especially all those who concern the group “The Ghost Company”. This they exterminated the boy’s clan, carving out the eyes of each of them. Curapika is the only one who survived – Miyuki Savasiro.
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Interesting Facts

  1. Manga with the same name periodically appears in the Japanese magazine since 1998. For every 8 years, each issue was stable, but since 2006, there have often been long breaks. At the time of 2018, 35 volumes and 375 chapters were published.
  2. In the anime “Hunter x Hunter” almost all the characters are men, but most of them are voiced by the girls. Boys are very young and only girls can make a similar voice.
  3. In February 2018, when the last volume was released, they talked about the possibility of continuing the anime in the format of a full-length film, but by the autumn of the same year, rumors were not confirmed, forcing the viewer to switch to other anime pictures.
  4. Kanako Mitsuhashi was very keen to become a seiyu Kurapiki, but the director saw her only in the role of Zoldik. The tearful entreaties of Kanako were forced to remove the episode where she voiced Kurapiku – to the surprise of the girl herself, after listening to her voice, she refused to continue to voice this character and did not raise more similar topics.
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Hunter x Hunter Movie 3 release date

NameRelease date
Hunter x Hunter Movie 3closed

Top 10 Hunter x Hunter Anime Moments

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