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A series in the style of science fiction. A far future, fully equipped with robotic equipment. Mankind is trying to fight intellectual robots, but it is undergoing a collapse. Where to wait for salvation?

When will the series “Hyperion” come out?

It is not yet known when the viewer will be able to enjoy watching the fantastic TV series “Hyperion”. The creators of the project say practically nothing. Most likely, the long-awaited TV show will premiere no earlier than 2025.


The events of the future always remain an actual topic. After scientific experiments the Earth ceased to be suitable for existence. A massive accident destroyed the entire planet and now people are forced to look for new land for living.

In the vast universe of Dan Simmons, people coexist with artificial intelligence and other monsters. The resettlement of earthlings has been in full swing for a long time, and the latest developments that have been created for centuries help in this. For people, the most terrible times have come, because none of them knows how to save their lives.

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Shot from the book “Hyperion”

While humanity is trying to adapt to the new universe, more and more enemies are appearing. Life gets worse, but hope gives prophecy. It tells of the pilgrims who must visit Hyperion, unravel its secrets and fight the most terrible villain named Shrike.

People begin to form a team of pilgrims. They become a Catholic priest, a private detective detective, a colonel, a Templar and a poet. A fraudulent way with them is another person. On the way, men tell each other their stories to understand why they had the fate to go on a deadly mission.

Creators of the series

  • Screenwriters – Dan Simmons, it was on his tetralogy “Songs of Hyperion” that the main plot was created. Dan Trevor Sand helped. It is he who is engaged in the script for the famous TV series “Supernatural”, which has been released since 2005.
  • The director – Scott Derrickson. On his account, such paintings as “The Day the Earth Stood Still”, “Sinister”, “Save Us from the Evil One” and “Doctor Strange”. He is popular among the directors of Hollywood, and the fee is often higher than that of his colleagues.
  • The producer – Graham King. He began his career in the television company “20th Century Fox”. A few years later he became rich and opened his own company. The most frequent directors who invite Graham to work together are Tim Burton, Mark Forster and Ben Affleck. His best works are the films “Keepers of Time”, “Bodyguard”, “Fifth Wave”, “Lara Croft”.
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Interesting Facts

  1. The first publication of the book by Dan Simmons took place in the distant 1989. The universe “Hyperion” consists of six novels, which describe the adventures of each of the pilgrims.
  2. There was already an attempt to screen a science fiction story. It was undertaken by the film company “Warner Bros. Pictures” and already at that time the director wanted to appoint Scott Derrickson.
  3. There is an opinion that one of the main roles will be given to Bradley Cooper (“Guardians of the Galaxy”, “Joy”, “Limitless”, “Avengers: Infinity War“), but he will not know which of the characters he will play.
    The adaptation of the novel “Hyperion” is dealt with by the SyFy channel. On their account countless famous movies.
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Hyperion season 1: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
1x01Series 1no exact information
1x02Series 2no exact information
1x03Series 3no exact information
1x04Series 4no exact information
1x05Series 5no exact information
1x06Series 6no exact information
1x07Series 7no exact information
1x08Series 8no exact information
1x09Series 9no exact information
1x10Series 10no exact information

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