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In the center of the plot is a young girl, who throughout her life was brought up without leaving the surface of the Earth. All the years, the teenage girl in a closed underground bunker and faithfully believed that there were no other survivors on the planet except her. But one day everything changes and the girl learns that there are other survivors whose life is threatened…

When will the “I Am Mother 2” be released?

The continuation of the fantastic picture “I Am Mother” is not announced, and the creators still collect admiring reviews from all over the world for the first part. Only once the information leaked to the network that the resounding success of the painting made the show runners think about the next part. However, things did not go beyond talk.


In the recent past, one of the bunkers accidentally fell under the activation of emergency programs. By that time, it became known that in one of the laboratories that were located in it, something extraordinary had happened. It turned out that one of the embryos bears a fetus. Moreover, this fruit is developing quite well.

In the present, this fruit grew and became a girl who lived all her life in a bunker, being under the tutelage of a robot. The girl naively believes that this robot is her mother, and at first she believes her every word. In turn, the robot periodically tells its “daughter” a horrifying story about the tragedy that happened to earthlings.

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Frame from the series

It would have lasted the life of a girl in a bunker, if once a woman had not entered right there. She was injured and bled to death. But the interest of the teenager is incomprehensible, because she sees herself similar… As a result, the girl learns from the woman about the existence of people who with great difficulty remain alive for several years.

Robots played a significant role in this battle. Now the girl realizes that not all the words spoken by her “mother” are true. But what will she do? Will it stand aside when other people are killed, or join them with the hope that people will be able to win this unequal fight?

Actors and their roles

  • Daughter – was raised by a robot mother who was able to convince a girl that all people on Earth were extinct, Daughter is naive, cold-blooded, but teenage emotions do not leave her and the older she becomes, the harder the Mother is with her – Clara Rugaard.
  • Mother – the robot who brought up the Daughter tells her vision of the world, which she considers necessary for such ears as human – Rose Byrne’s voice belongs, and Luke Hawker plays the role of the robot.
  • Woman – lived on Earth, fought for her home, but eventually ended up in the bunker to Mother and Daughter, told the girl about what was happening upstairs, thus giving her a choice: to stay in the bunker or go where she had not been – Hilary Swank.
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Interesting Facts

  1. The filming process began in 2017, and the next year the film was completely ready. In 2018, the film was presented at the Adelaide Film Festival, where it received positive reviews from critics. Solving matters with the launch of the rental, the creators have lost a lot of time. In the US, the picture appeared in cinemas only in January 2019, and traveled to other countries even longer.
  2. As soon as the script was submitted, in 2016 it was immediately put on the “The Black List” – this means that the film studio has high hopes for the picture and plans to collect a multi-million dollar jackpot from it. From the point of view of film studios, the project is an interesting, exciting and noteworthy viewers from around the world.
  3. The script was written by a little-known writer Michael Lloyd Green, who worked on a couple of projects. Probably, Michael was able to show his unique talent, because to create such paintings requires a lot of experience. Lloyd Green did not waste time and continued to write the part 2 of the “I Am Mother”. Who knows, maybe the second film will be in development by then.
  4. Grant Sputore appeared in the film as a director. At first, when the lists of project participants were just announced, several popular names flashed that could contribute to their participation in the project. But when Grant’s name was called, it turned out that no one knew him, since earlier he had only made short films for a narrow audience. After the release of the 1st part of the “I Am Mother”, his name became extremely famous.
  5. Hilary Swank had to work hard in the gym because her character seems to have the skills to fight and should have a fit body. Fortunately, Hilary takes care of her body, so for the best form she needed only a month of “drying”, and then maintaining the form. The shooting lasted 4 months, and Swank still looks like a sporting beauty, attending film festivals associated with the film “I Am Mother”.
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I Am Mother 2: release date

NameSeries titleRelease date
I Am MotherPart 2not announced

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  1. Deanna dutson

    I would love there to be a sequel because it left a lot of unanswered questions, like who designed mother? She can’t create herself from nothing! What happened before? I want more! Please????!!!!

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