In the Dark season 2

This is an English crime drama, the first season of which was released in 2017. The main character is detective Helen Weeks, who will return to her native land and investigate the mysterious disappearance of two children.

At the moment there has been no official information from the creators of the series about its continuation.

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The difficulty is that one of the main suspects is the husband of a close friend Helen.

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This story is not only a detective story. Here, the personal drama of the main character still comes first. The girl needs not only to find and punish the guilty. Most of all, she wants to help a close friend, who avoided for many years for reasons unknown to the viewer. The main narrative is based on the complex relationship between Helen and her close people.

In the Dark TV Series

While this project has not received much popularity. Nevertheless, he already has his fans who are eagerly awaiting the continuation of the story. In general, the series turned out to be quite interesting, atmospheric and qualitative. Writers competently worked the main and minor storylines. Acting at a decent level, and directing and camera work does not cause complaints.

Interesting Facts

The first season of the project has only four series, and it was released recently, so now it is still difficult to talk about ratings and popularity. The creators did not invest in the advertising campaign, so this series was little known before the release.

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In the Dark TV Series

In this regard, both Russian and foreign critics have not yet given any estimates to the project and did not write reviews on it. In the near future, the situation may change, because the series turned out to be small, but quite worthy of attention. Such a film will appeal to both young people and the older generation. After watching the series there is no feeling of wasted time spent, but I want to think about many things.

Reviews and criticism

The screenwriters were able to present the image of the main character beautifully and easily. That is why it is close and understandable to every spectator. Her inner feelings and problems can find a response in almost everyone, which makes the picture even more emotional and makes you feel more empathy.

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Separately, I would like to note the atmosphere, which was perfectly possible to convey with the help of light, scenery and soundtracks. During the viewing, there is a feeling of mystery and constant tension mixed with fear.

In the Dark season 2 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1no official information
2x02Series 2no official information
2x03Series 3no official information
2x04Series 4no official information

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    I think it is the best show ever, please keep it on the air.

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