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Pretending to be a graduate of an obscure college, Harper Stern starts working for a large trading company. The girl holds on to work, but is completely devoid of the talent to convince. Instead, she uses rational solutions and helps new clients gain real value. But other graduates stand in her way, who have yet to prove themselves…

“Industry ss 3”: release date, announcement

The sequel to the drama “Industry” has been officially announced! The high ratings of the released seasons gave a positive outlook for the new season. It is known that the premiere is scheduled for autumn 2023. There is no more precise information yet. We continue to follow the news.
Recall that the break between the 1st and 2nd seasons dragged on for almost 2 years due to the outbreak of the coronavirus.


While Harper is trying to deal with fake documents about completed school education, her colleague Robert is trying to attract the attention of management. Everything is unsuccessful – his boss ignores any attempts by newcomers to get close to him. He does not even respond to ordinary phrases. But one day the guy decides to relieve tension in a bar and spends the whole night high…

The next day, Robert tries in every possible way to hide signs of fatigue at work, but it turns out that the boss sees everything, because he reproaches him for the wrinkled shirt. Instead of being upset, Robert is pleased with himself – he was finally able to start a conversation with an impenetrable rock! Now it remains to try to attract new investors for the company.

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Hari is ready to work day and night. Stocking up on energy drinks and pills, he spends nights in the office, doing not only his own work, but also someone else’s. The head of his department does not approve of this approach to business. But Hari’s closest colleague, Gus, leaves the office at the appointed time and is indignant when he finds out the next day that a cunning colleague stole his work. But instead of a reprimand, he invites them to have a drink together and take a break from unpleasant thoughts.

Frame from the TV show

After being reprimanded by the head of his department, Hari spends the night at home, but soon he has to stay overnight again in the office. Exhausted by work and energy drinks, in the morning the guy becomes the object of conversation for all employees. His body is found in the toilet with no signs of life. The rest of the workers are told that Hari committed suicide. Harper was close to the deceased, but lack of free time makes it impossible for her to yearn for a friend.

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After the death of Hari, Gus finds no place for himself. Robert is also dejected by this news, but tries to live his old life. Increasingly, he sees how the charming Yasmin pays attention to him. At first, he does not approach her, because he does not want to mix personal relationships with workers, but later they manage to find a common language…

So they work, trying to stay in the desired job. Six months later, they will be expelled from the company – only the best employees will remain. In an attempt to prove themselves, they make many mistakes, but it is these mistakes that help new employees to realize where to go next…

Actors and their roles

  • Hari — rents an apartment opposite Harper and works with her in the same office; ready to go over the heads in order to stay at work; trying to win the recognition of the leadership and stay on it after the re-election of newcomers; dies in a public toilet after news of the failure of a project he did at night under the influence of energy drinks — Nabhaan Rizwan.
  • Yasmin — a beautiful employee of the auction company; pays special attention to Robert and waits for him to come up first; defends Harper in front of other colleagues, because she believes that she is discriminated against because of her appearance — Marisa Abela.
  • Harper — an African American with a diploma from an unknown school; the rest of the girls from the office are discussing her behind her back, reproaching her for pigtails on her head, piercing, because this does not meet the requirements of office etiquette; Harper is kind, smart and sympathetic, well versed in the market economy and gives good advice to investors — Myha’la Herrold.
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Interesting Facts

  1. Among the team of directors, Tinge Krishnan occupied a special place. After the release of the season 1 of the TV series “Industry”, she was invited to direct the mini-project “WeCrashed“, where the main characters were the never-aging actors Jared Leto and Anne Hathaway.
  2. The eight-episode season 1 was released on November 9, 2020. The season 2 was filmed from January to March 2021, and was released on the air only in August 2022. The reason was the spread of the coronavirus epidemic on the set, which lasted until the end of the year. As a result, the end of filming came in November 2021.
  3. The United States and Great Britain worked on the development of the script. Written by Mickey Down (“You, Me and the Apocalypse”, “Hot Property”), Matthew Barry (“Death In Paradise”, “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina“) and Kate Verghese (“The Spanish Princess“).

Industry Season 3: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
3x01Series 12023
3x02Series 22023
3x03Series 32023
3x04Series 42023
3x05Series 52023
3x06Series 62023
3x07Series 72023
3x08Series 82023

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