Inhumans season 2


American TV series “Inhumans season 2” can not be called an absolutely new product. The audience knows and remembers the heroes of the fictional race of the Inhumans through the comic book publisher Marvel Comics since December 1965. The main creators of the project, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, did not suspect that their characters would become so popular these days. And given that the first 2 series of the series were created specifically for widescreen display (which is absolutely not typical for serials!) Have increased interest in the series at times. The beginning of the filming process became known in March 2017. The premiere of the series was held in September 2017 on the American television channel ABC. Each week the audience was shown one new series.

The number of episodes in season 1 is 8.

Genre is a superhero action movie, adventure, fantasy.

The series “Inhumans season 2” will begin in the early autumn of 2018.

The plot of the series

In the infinite universe, far away from the Earth, there is the city of Attilan. It is inhabited by humanoid creatures, called the Race of the Inhumans. They are distinguished from the terrestrial human race by various super abilities: high speed of movement, overreaction and super-force, telekinetics and so on. In this case, the average life expectancy of Inhumans was 150 years.

All the events of the first season unfold around the royal family, ruling in the city of Attilan. The younger brother of the king, militantly and categorically opposed to him, makes every effort for the power to change. Arranging a coup with the help of like-minded people, the younger brother becomes the ruler of the city, exposing all its inhabitants to danger. The king, along with his family, does not have anything to do, as soon as he starts running in order to survive. Having come to the earthlings in the beautiful place of Hawaii, the royal family has to not only fight for the existence of its race, but also to protect all of humanity from the hands of the named king.

Main characters

Black Thunder (actor Anson Mount) – King of the Race of the Inhumans. Abilities: hypersonic voice, destroying everything around its wave.
Medusa (actress Serinda Swan) – the wife of the king (queen). Abilities: psychokinetic control of their super-long hair.
Crystal (actress Isabel Cornish) is the sister of a jellyfish, a princess. Abilities: manipulation of the four elements: water, fire, air, earth.
Maximus (actor Ivan Rehn) is the younger brother of the king who overthrew him. Abilities: control over the mind.
Karnak (actor Ken Lun) – the king’s cousin, priest, philosopher. Abilities: feels weak places of people, owns martial art.
Gorgon (actor Aime Ikvoakor) is the cousin of the king and Maximus. Abilities: when you hit your feet with hoofs, the earth causes an earthquake.

Interesting Facts

The hero of the comics, and later animated series and films, Black Thunder was in 105th place out of the 200 greatest comics characters, according to the magazine Wizard.
Actress Serinda Swan (role of Medusa) began her career as a model, but only later became an actress. By the way, her name in Tibetan means a tool similar to a flute.
The elder sister of the actress Isabel Cornish (the role of Crystal), Abby Cornish, is also an actress. Abby starred in the dramatic film “Three billboards on the border of Ebbing, Missouri,” which was nominated and prizewinner of many prestigious awards and prizes. By the way, this film in Russia will be shown in February 2018.
In addition to his acting career, Ivan Rehn is doing well as a musician. So, in January 2015, Ivan released his fourth album called “Dinard”

Inhumans season 2 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1Sep 22, 2018
2x02Series 2Sep 29, 2018
2x03Series 3Oct 6, 2018
2x04Series 4Oct 13, 2018
2x05Series 5Oct 20, 2018
2x06Series 6Oct 27, 2018
2x07Series 7Nov 3, 2018
2x08Series 8Nov 10, 2018
2x09Series 9Nov 17, 2018
2x10Series 10Nov 24, 2018

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