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The astral is the other world of the dead. It inhabits not reassured souls, but also otherworldly forces and demons who try to break into the world of the living. To prevent this, psychics struggle with them. The ruler of the films Insidious tells us about this psychic, her name is Alice Rainer. It can communicate with the invisible world of the dead. In the movie Alice, a woman at the age of 40, of medium height, a blonde with a difficult fate, as the fourth chapter of the film shows us in her childhood with her father, she had a difficult relationship because of her psychic powers. Against the backdrop of these relationships, Alice has a lot of fears, and these fears feed on the demonic forces that pursue her.

Genre of the film Insidious 5 – horror with elements of a thriller. The movie is very popular (although only a quarter ago this movie has left, and we still do not know about the release of the fifth part), everyone is looking forward to the release of this part of the movie.

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  • Insidious Year 2010
  • Insidious : Chapter 2 2013
  • Insidious 3 2015
  • Insidious 4: The Last Key of 2018

When release of the film Insidious 5?

The difference between all parts of the film is about 2-3 years, so “Insidious 5” was to be expected after 2020. But the coronavirus did not allow the release of the next part of the film on time. According to some reports, the premiere of the “Insidious 5” is scheduled for release only on July 7, 2023.

The plot of the movie Insidious 5

In the line of the film Astral, Alice Reiner helps families who are sown by the souls of unconquered people. And he fights with otherworldly forces who want to take possession of the human body, that would live in the world of the living. The whole line of films is interconnected and revolves around the psychic Alice Rainer.

Contents of previous chapters of the movie Insidious

In the first part of the Insidious we are introduced to the family by Lambert, who moved to another house, but there they were visited by otherworldly forces. The son of Josh and René Lambert Dalton came under the influence of these forces. His mind was captured by a demon, who wants to get to his world with his help. Dalton’s grandmother Loraine Lambert asks for help from the psychic Alice Rainer, who, with the help of Josh Lambert, helps pull the boy out of the astral, but with him comes another spirit into our world.

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IInsidious-part-5n the second chapter of Insidious, we again meet with the family Lambert. This chapter continues the first chapter. The ghost of the killer killer Parker settled into Josh Lambert. The ghost hunted for Josh’s consciousness from childhood. Parker wanted to get Josh’s body because he wanted to live a normal life, which he did not receive in his life because of his mother. She forced him to dress in women’s clothes and kill, because of what he went crazy and took his own life. And now he’s got Josh’s body, and Alice Rainer helped bring Josh Lambert back.

In the third chapter of Astral events take place long before the first two chapters. In this part, Alice Rainer helps the teenage girl Quinn Brenner. Queen is haunted by the ghost of her mother Lillith. But later, Alice discovers that this ghost is not Lillith. And Alice Rainer helps Quin deal with evil.

In the fourth chapter of the Astral: The last key of the psychic Alice Rainer continues to explore the other world, but already in the house in which she lived as a child. In this part, while in the astral world, the otherworldly forces fed on Alice’s fears, experiencing her feelings. But Alice coped with her fears and in this her deceased parents helped her, and Mom rescues Alice from the demon and defeats him. Now Alice, having coped with her fears, became even stronger.

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What to expect from the Insidious 5?

The fourth chapter of the Astral is ended by being in the world of the dead Alice Rainer in one of the rooms of the astral world finds Dalton Lambert. Therefore, it is possible that in Astral 5 we will again meet with the family Lambert from the first and second chapter. Or the writers will come up with a new story about the psychic Alice Rainer.

Actors and their roles in the movie

  • Lin Shay – Alice Rainer
  • Lee Wonnell-Specks
  • Angus Sampson-Tucker
  • Patrick Wilson – Josh Lambert
  • Rose Byrne – Rene Lambert
  • Tai Simpkins – Dolton Lambert
  • Barbara Hershey – Lorraine Lambert
  • Joseph Bishara is a demon with a red face

Interesting Facts

  1. The entire line of movie shows the power of love of parents and their children, no matter what.
  2. Lee Wonnell, not only plays the role of Speks in the film Astral, but also writes the script for this film, and also directed the third part.
  3. In addition, the composer of the films Insidious Joseph Bishara played the role of a demon with a red face.

Insidious 5: movie release date

Movie titleRelease date
Insidious 5July 7, 2023

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