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The oldest profession on Earth has become the central plot of the series “Interspecies Reviewers” (“Ishuzoku Reviewers”). The bold story proposed by the author of light novel and the anime director will tell about the difficult work of the main characters – to evaluate girls from brothels. What conclusions will they draw?..

Genre – comedy, fantasy, etti.
The number of episodes is 12.
The premiere of the 1st season was held on January 11, 2020.
The age limit is 18+.

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When will the sequel to the anime “Interspecies Reviewers Season 2” be released?

The famous American anime review site Anime News Network quite sharply expressed its negative opinion after the release of the eponymous manga in 2016. Many critics have noted both the weak comedy line of the manga and the image of the characters. Despite this, the viewer accepted the anime in a different way – more approvingly, noting the good elaboration of each character and the relevant humor. So will there be a sequel? This issue will remain relevant for a long time. One thing is clear – there are no indifferent to the anime. We just have to wait for information on work on season 2 or on the closure of the project.


In this world, people, elves, gnomes, human beasts and other creatures of different races live side by side. Prostitution is a legal activity, and there are so many brothels that anyone can endlessly walk on them in search of the very ideal priestess of love. How does she look? How is it different from others? The Trinity in the person of Stunk, Zel and Crimvael will deal with this issue.

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Frame from anime

In order for everything to be fair, the detailed “work” of the researchers is strictly recorded on paper. Moreover, all important texts are published for observer readers, which are becoming more and more every day. While male human inclines toward the value of appearance, the elf inclines toward age and freshness. And only the angel represents in this important question a naive inexperienced beginner, amazed at what he saw. The adventure for the main characters is just beginning…

Main characters

  • Stunk – a swordsman; seeker of adventures; evaluates the services of girls of different races, collects information and provides the results for general viewing; prefers elf girls, explaining that they are seductive at any age.
  • Zel – an elf, an archer, a friend of Stunk, with whom he decided to rate the girls from the brothels to find the “best example”; prefers human women aged 50 and older, because by his standards they are still very young; representatives of their own race calls “old ladies”.
  • Crimvael – hermaphrodite angel; on the issue of prostitution is a complete novice.
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Interesting Facts

  1. In July 2016, the eponymous manga was published, which in 2017 received a special prize of the Tsugi ni Kuru Manga Awards.
  2. The director of the anime was Yuki Ogawa, known to the viewer for such works as “FLCL Progressive“, “Dimension W”, “My Wife is the Student Council President +!” and etc.

Interspecies Reviewers Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1no information
2x02Series 2no information
2x03Series 3no information
2x04Series 4no information
2x05Series 5no information
2x06Series 6no information
2x07Series 7no information
2x08Series 8no information
2x09Series 9no information
2x10Series 10no information
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Interspecies Reviewers CANCELLED AGAIN by Amazon but now voted BEST ANIME by fans

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