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Life as a teenager is hard, and when your father is the strongest superhero on Earth, it’s just a failure. The parent’s abilities were inherited by Mark Grayson and now the guy suffers from the fact that he cannot use his superpower correctly. The thought that he will never surpass his father upsets him. But he still does not know the whole truth about the parent…

“Invincible ss 2”: release date, announcement

The fact that the creators of the project are preparing for the viewer 2 more seasons of the animated TV series “Invincible” became known immediately after the end of the first one. The exact release date of season 2 has not been announced at the moment, but it is known that it will take at least one year to create the continuation of the picture. Therefore, new episodes are unlikely to be released before the beginning of 2023.


Nolan Grayson, known as Omni-Man, flew from the planet Viltrum many years ago to enslave humanity. But the years of life among people did their job. Grayson found a family: he married a girl named Debbie, and soon they had a son, Mark. Combining everyday life and superheroism, Nolan forgot about his task, but this is only temporary.

Before his 18th birthday, Mark discovered that his father’s abilities were passed on to him, and the guy began to master new tricks with might and main. Ups, downs, bumps, the ability to throw a baseball across the planet – all this is available to a teenager. But along with new abilities came responsibility. And also the desire to become like his father.

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So far, the guy suffers only failures. Suffering from depression, Mark does not notice the next absence of a parent. Meanwhile, Nolan sends a distress message to the defenders of the Earth. After meeting with them and killing everyone in their own lair, Omni-Man falls exhausted. The intelligence services that came to the rescue decided that the attack was carried out on everyone, including Nolan.

Frame from the animated TV series

The Omni-Man is taken to the hospital and treated. Mark with new defenders is trying to defend the Earth, but every day he suffers more and more defeats. This is not how he imagined his father’s work – people are shot right in front of his eyes, and he could hardly save the old woman. Mark feels terribly angry and cannot deal with it.

At this time, the secret services are trying to understand who killed the previous defenders and why Nolan survived when the rest were brutally executed. Debbie trusts her husband, but sees that something is happening to him. Agents also understand that Omni-man is not completely honest with them. But they cannot collect evidence that will blame the most powerful man on the planet.

Mark soon learns that his father is much worse than he could have imagined. The guy will have to accept the bitter truth and give battle to the one who surpasses him with many years of experience…

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Main characters and voice actors

  • Omni-man / Nolan Grayson – a native of the planet Viltrum; must destroy humanity, but still lives with an earthly woman; is often late, as he is constantly busy with rescue missions; loves family; always ready to help his son, but does not know how to conduct sincere conversations – J. K. Simmons.
  • Mark – the son of Omni-man and Debbie; loves both parents and wants them to keep their relationship within the framework and not kiss in front of him; knows how to fly, hit hard, but due to lack of experience makes many mistakes; tries to save the Earth from alien monsters together with his friends – Steven Yeun.
  • Debbie – Nolan’s wife; for 20 years she looked after his wounds and even in the hospital did not give doctors the opportunity to take care of her husband’s health; kind, smart, understanding about her husband’s work and never arranges scandals for him; after the death of the defenders, she guesses that her husband is hiding something – Sandra Oh.
  • Atom Eve – friend of Mark, whom he met at the next battle with aliens; he liked the girl, but when he found out that she had a boyfriend, he decided to retreat – Gillian Jacobs.

Interesting Facts

  1. In 2022, a game of the same name will be released. Six months before the expected release of the product, the company’s board set out to increase the production budget, which allowed expanding game content, while maintaining quality.
  2. Steven Yeun, who voiced Mark, is known to many as an actor. The most striking in his career was the role of Glenn in the TV series “The Walking Dead“. In 2020, the film “Minari” was released with his participation. The film received 6 Oscar nominations and took away one award – in the nomination “Best Supporting Actress”, which went to actress Youn Yuh-jung.
  3. Sandra Oh, the voice of Omni-man’s wife, is best known for her role in the “Killing Eve” TV series, in which she plays detective Eve Polastri, dreaming of catching the elusive contract killer.
  4. Project executive producer Robert Kirkman was accused of plagiarism after the eponymous comic was first released.The heroes seem to be “copied” from DC, which cannot be denied when we see Wonder Woman or Batman, slightly different in appearance from the original characters. Part of the plot also belongs to another universe.
  5. The show was directed by Jeff Allen, who previously worked on the cartoon “Ultimate Spider-Man”. Working on other projects, Robert Kirkman made acquaintances, which later grew into friendship. So Jeff Allen, Steven Yeun, J. K. Simmons and others got to him – Robert had already worked with all of them.
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Invincible Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 12022-2023
2x02Series 22022-2023
2x03Series 32022-2023
2x04Series 42022-2023
2x05Series 52022-2023
2x06Series 62022-2023
2x07Series 72022-2023
2x08Series 82022-2023

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