iPhone 11 (2019) release date

IPhone 11 (2018) release date

Last year, Apple introduced its branded smartphone iPhone 7, and in September 2017 will release the 8t and 10 anniversary model of the popular device.

Most likely, the manufacturer is aiming at an annual global update of the smartphone to withstand competition with one of the leaders in the mobile device market – Samsung.

Since the release of the iPhone 11 separates us only about one year of waiting, it is entirely possible to guess what this device will be like. Various rumors began to leak into the global network. We have collected them all in the framework of this article, in order to have an idea of ​​the future smartphone.

Release date

Increasing competition in the mobile device market causes a reduction in the time to develop new gadgets. The exact release date for iPhone 11 is still unknown.

If we consider that the release of the last few iPhone models took place in September of each year, it can be assumed that the new iPhone 11 will appear in the first month of the fall of 2019.

The presentation of the iPhone 11 will be held in September 2019.


While there is no information about what will be the design of the new smartphone, but, probably, it will largely determine the display used.

iPhone 11 - concept photos.
iPhone 11 – concept photos.

To date, consumers appreciate not only the large screen diagonal, but also the compact dimensions of the device casing, so the area of ​​the front surface of the device should be used as efficiently as possible.

Ideally, it should be fully used for the display, but this is not possible because it requires space for the speaker, front camera and proximity / illumination sensors.

It is possible that the appearance of the case will not be too different from the iPhone 10, for which they made a significant redesign in honor of the decade of the brand device. In this case, the screen becomes frameless, the “Home” button will be removed at the bottom.

Probably, leaks of smartphone sketches in the future will confirm or refute these assumptions.

Display (screen)

Recently, there have been rumors of cooperation between Apple and Samsung in the field of displays. Presumably, Apple wants to use OLED technology for its future devices. Thus, the display of the iPhone 11 can be curved.

IPhone 11 concept with curved screen
IPhone 11 concept with curved screen

Since the display diagonal of the upcoming iPhone 10 is 5.8 inches, the screen size of the next version of the smartphone can be further increased. There are rumors according to which Apple will release two variations of the new model with 5.28- and 6.46-inch displays.

Many manufacturers began to pay much attention to the support in their devices of virtual reality technology. Despite the fact that 4K technology is still not quite common among mobile devices, most likely the iPhone 11 display will support 4K technology.


Apple always strives to improve every detail in the new iPhone models, so the camera is unlikely to be an exception. In the 10th model was expected to shoot video resolution 4K with a frame rate of 60 fps.

But then experts expressed the opinion that such an opportunity is likely to be implemented in subsequent models. Taking into account the rumors about the 4K display, for the 11th iPhone model, the 4K video shooting function seems quite reasonable.

There were rumors that the front camera iPhone 10 will also be able to record HD video. A new smartphone will appear very soon, and if this feature is not implemented in it, it can be expected in the iPhone 11.

Taking into account the development trends of flagship devices, the main camera can use two lenses and support face detection, Live Photo, optical stabilization, 3D-4K and others.


iPhone 11(2018)

Since Apple releases its smartphones with different internal storage in the range of 16 to 128 GB, and the iPhone 10 in two variations: with 64 and 256 GB of memory, it’s difficult to predict how much ROM should be expected in the 2018 model. But you can be sure that the manufacturer will not add support for microSD cards.

The variation of the 10th model of the smartphone received 3 GB of RAM. It is possible that the amount of RAM in the subsequent model will be further increased to 4 or even 6 GB.

However, as is known, all applications in iOS consume hardware resources, including RAM, as efficiently as possible, therefore, it is hardly worth expecting a significant increase in RAM, since this makes no sense.


The main supplier of chipsets for Apple devices is TSMC. In the iPhone 10 six-core chip Apple A12 Extreme, manufactured by 10-nm technology and using the architecture ARMv8-A.

As you know, this is TSMC’s own development, and if it is successful, it is possible that the new improved version will be used in the iPhone 11, the characteristics of which should be improved. Most likely it will be an 8-core Apple A12 processor with 64-bit architecture.


According to the manufacturer, the new chipset received a significant increase in performance and began to consume significantly less energy.

Face ID technology

Apple decided to get rid of the button Nome and Technology Touch ID in favor of increasing the screen. Instead, it is planned to use a new technology for face recognition, which will become even more reliable.

The smartphone iPhone 10 became the first device since the 5th model, in which there will be no Touch ID. If the technology of face recognition does not justify itself, it is quite possible that the Touch ID will return in the next version of the smartphone.

Compatible with VR devices

Apple is the owner of a patent for the production of virtual reality helmets from last year, for which the following models of iPhone will be used.

The image quality will depend directly on the display resolution of the smartphone. Thanks to the new technology, users can enjoy bright 3D images.

Compatible with VR devices

The helmet of the virtual reality itself will resemble the Samsung Gear VR. The main differences will be the ease of use and the more compact size of the device.

Network (5G) and data transfer

As is known, by 2020 it is planned to introduce new generation communication technology 5G. According to the specification, the new wireless network is characterized by the highest data transfer speed, high bandwidth and minimal response time. It is expected that Apple specialists are implementing support for the new technology in the iPhone 11.

Extra options

Since at the moment there is no confirmed information about the iPhone 11, one can only be guided by rumors. According to one of them, the smartphone will use a non-standard battery, which has the form of the letter “L”.

With the increasing popularity of electronic helpers, Apple experts will want to use the improved Siri to successfully compete with Google Assistant and other analogs.

Despite the fact that many Android-smartphones have long been using wireless charging technology, Apple experts can significantly improve it and use it for new smartphones.

This review does not include rumors about a large number of other technologies, since their practical implementation is still far from ideal (for example – about a folding screen). As you know, Apple is guided by the experience of other manufacturers to provide its customers with only the best and proven technology.

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