Is There Still Sex in the City? Season 1 (And Just Like That Season 1)


Candace Bushnell had not yet had time to release her book “Is There Still Sex in the City?”, as two companies Paramount Television and Anonymous Content announced that they were going to film it. The most anticipated book in 2019 impatient fans will be able to purchase in August of this year. It is known that this will be the same collection of essays as its famous predecessor, “Sex and the City”. But the main “trick” of a literary work will be the heroines, someone over 50. And who said that for a woman after 50 there is no life and sex??

When will the new season of the “Sex and the City” or “Is there More Sex in the City?” be released?

As long as everything goes according to plan. Candace Bushnell is putting the finishing touches on her book, scheduled for release on August 6, 2019. Then the professionals of Paramount Television and Anonymous Content will take on the job: adapting the book to the series, searching for directors and other filmmakers, casting and the first days of filming.

It is known that filming for a show called “And Just Like That” was scheduled for spring 2021. Thus, the premiere of new episodes may take place in the end of 2021. Unfortunately, not everyone will take part in the TV series: Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis. Kim Cattrall has given up filming.

p.s. The most anticipated series “And Just Like That …” will premiere on December 9, 2021!

Recall the beginning of the story…

New York. Dream Town. For many years, four faithful friends have been sharing their love experiences, women’s secrets with each other, and they act as psychologists and as vests for girlish tears. The girls are so different, but the goal of their life is the same – to be happy.

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The film, which premiered in June 1998, boldly revealed such topics as sexuality, romantic relationships, dating, finding a favorite among thousands of applicants, style, fashion, betrayal, sex and, of course, strong female friendship. The many-sided themes, so necessary for the youth of that time, made it possible to turn “Sex and the City” into the most demanded, rated, desired and beloved project.

From 1998 to 2010, fans of 4 beauties literally lived with them, experiencing their failures and rejoicing in moments of happiness. Is it worth saying that Carrie Bradshaw has become a style icon for millions of fans?

The plot of the new series

A woman is known to be beautiful at any age. That is what will be discussed in the new series. Most of the fair sex do not have plans to retire and do nothing, give most of their time to their hobbies, meetings with friends, while making the rhythm of their lives slower and slower day by day…

Actress Sarah Jessica Parker and Writer Candace Bushnell

The new plot of the series suggests otherwise. The main thing is the movement: take care of yourself, find a great love and rush into the arms of adventure. Sex and passion after 50 – why not? The main character of the series looks at love affairs at 50, through the prism of relationships with children, marriage, divorce and bereavement.

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It is worth adding that the details of the upcoming series are kept in great secrecy. And still it is not known who will actually play the main characters – whether the former cast will return or the viewer will see new faces. Well, one thing is known for sure – the style of women’s stories narrated by writer Candace Bushnell, beloved by millions, will not leave anyone indifferent.

Interesting Facts

  1. Candace Bushnell is a writer with extensive experience. She has a huge number of books, some of which have been filmed. But only “Sex and the City” became so popular that Carrie Bradshaw had fans all over the globe.
  2. It is worth noting that even 10 years ago, no company would begin to film a book about the sexual life of a woman after 50 years. Therefore, right now the adaptation of the new creation Candace Bushnell will be able to conquer the cinema tops and get a lot of new fans of its on-screen characters. As they say, everything has its time.
  3. Sequel favorite series could not be. Fans were always afraid that the new season would be the final. The reason for this is a serious disagreement between the main characters – Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall.
  4. For many fans, it is no secret that the leadership of the franchise “Sex and the City” planned to release the 3rd full-length film about the beautiful Carrie and her friends. But due to many circumstances, including low ratings of the released series, the shooting was canceled. It is known that in the new film, the fate of the villain was supposed to take away life from the beloved main character, Mr. Big, who was played by actor Chris Noth.
  5. According to Sarah Jessica Parker, the film 3 of “Sex and the City” could have appeared on the screens, but without Samantha Jones, and the picture without this heroine, in her opinion, would have no meaning. Therefore, it was decided to close the project once and for all.
  6. More recently, actress Sarah Jessica Parker took part in an advertisement for Stella Artois clean drinking water at a charity organization, co-founded by Matt Damon, who finances the development of access to drinking water in the underdeveloped parts of the world. In this video, Parker played the role of Carrie Bradshaw, running through the streets of New York to the music from the TV series “Sex and the City.”
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And Just Like That Season 1: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
1x01Series 1December 9, 2021
1x02Series 2December 9, 2021
1x03Series 3December 9, 2021
1x04Series 4December 9, 2021
1x05Series 5December 9, 2021
1x06Series 6December 9, 2021
1x07Series 7December 9, 2021
1x08Series 8December 9, 2021
1x09Series 9December 9, 2021
1x10Series 10December 9, 2021

Top 10 Best Carrie Looks on Sex and the City

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