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Film company “New Line Cinema” officially announced the beginning of works on the sequel to the horror film.
Release date movie It 2 scheduled, premiere of the new part will be held – September 6, 2019.

Despite skeptical predictions of critics, the first part with a budget of 35 million dollars collected more than 550 million, which made the film Andres Mousqueti the highest grossing horror film.High ratings and profits from the hire became the starting point, to the creation of the second part of the horror film about the sinister clown.

What will the “It 2” be about?

They are only eleven years old, but their problems are much more serious than those of adults. Regular students: Bill, Beverly, Stan, Ben, Richie, Mike and Eddie, suffer oppression of high school students and can not respond to their bullying.

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It 2 story

To psychological pressure does not greatly oppress them, they create their own club, in which they share the humiliations experienced by the school and plan for the future. Often, they ride together on bicycles, bathe in the river or just play on the outskirts of the city, as befits children of their age.

But then the children begin to disappear in the town. Adults tell them that this is what it comes to their city, It, waking every twenty-seven years, takes in the pit of unruly children and it works with them terrible things. Their city is cursed, their parents say, cursed by God and they, adults, can not help it.

Children categorically do not want to believe this. It already came to each of them in the image of the red-haired and eerie clown Pennyvize and marked them as their future victims.

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Fear torments the hearts of children and, not wanting to fall under the hands of darkness, they decide to fight evil in all possible and accessible ways.

But Evil is still ancient and how, look, It is more powerful than a handful of young adolescents. What will the struggle between a group of schoolchildren and the darkness generated by a hellfire give?

Who will win: the innocent soul and light or the endless fear that exists from the day of the creation of the universe?

Interesting Facts

In the original book of writer Stephen King, the events unfold in 1958, the actions in the film are dated 1989. The Shauraners, the Daffer brothers, who created the popular American series “Very Weird Cases,” nominated their candidacies for a director’s chair, but were rejected because of their unpopularity.

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For the shooting of the film, the studio “New Line Cinema” was preparing almost seven years, the script was corresponded several times, the directors and the cast changed.

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The shooting process was completed two days before the birthday of writer Stephen King, the fantasy in 2016 turned 69 years old. Writer Stephen King looked already installed, ready “It: Part 1. Club of Losers” film for half a year before the official premiere in the US.

The first official trailer for the film, collected a whopping 194 million hits on Youtube in just 24 hours after publication.

Criticism from clowns

In some cities in the US and Russia, there have been pickets and rallies of professional clowns, against the rental of the film, as his idea may badly affect the reputation and the usual image of a clown for children.

However, film reviewers, including the director Andres Mousquetti himself, are of the opinion that the “It” franchise on the contrary will raise interest in the professional activities of artists of this genre.

It 2 release date

NameSeries titleRelease date
ItPart 2September 6, 2019

It 2, premiere November 1, 2017 Trailer

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