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The horror that happened with the students of the town of Derry, the audience still remembers. The image of the frightening clown Pennywise, who is not ashamed of any means to seize the child, was invented by the King of horrors Stephen King back in 1986. Starting from the first part, the picture falls into the lists of the most terrible films of the century. But what should be expected in the next part?

When will the film “It 3” be released?

Gary Dauberman, the screenwriter of the movie “It 2“, has repeatedly said in his interviews that he is ready to work on a sequel. However, the producers are in no hurry to get to work again. The reasons are unknown, although the interest of the viewer and the high ratings of the first two parts of the film speak of the success of the project. But as of November 2022, there is no information about the beginning of the production process.

Recall that the first two films have found great commercial success and are considered the best film adaptations of Stephen King’s books in the entire history of the author.


In the town of Darry, which is located in the state of Maine, no more than two hundred thousand people live, but every 27 years there is a massive loss of children. Most often, they simply do not find, and sometimes from the sewer tunnels float their remains. Nobody knows for what reason children are lost, but parents try to keep more and more careful about their kids.

Bill Denbrough lost his younger brother Georgie, who left to let the boat through the puddles and did not return. Only a year later, Bill and his friends managed to understand that the younger brother was the victim of a bloodthirsty monster – Pennywise’s clown, whom the guys called “It”. With many guises, Pennywise could transform into anyone. The main thing is to cause the child the strongest fear, and then kill.

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Beverly repeatedly suffered attacks from a tyrant father who had the audacity to beat her. In this case, Pennywise could turn to his father to bring the girl maximum discomfort. Eddie was too afraid to become infected with a dangerous disease, so It came in the guise of a leper with a falling nose, a stump instead of a leg and in a stinking shawl.

Frame from the film

Stanley often passed by a picture of an ugly woman who inspired fear in him. It is not difficult to guess that at the first opportunity Pennywise became a terrible lady. Richie was afraid of his own death, so he was frightened when he saw his dead body with maggots infested on it. Only when they gathered together did the guys get an opportunity to get rid of their fears.

Fears are Pennywise’s nutrient medium. The guys learned about it from the first part. In the second story, already matured, they learned that the clown-killer has a relative who can equally well affect them even in adult appearance. What will be the highlight of the third part – we can only guess. One thing is clear – it will be scary!

Actors and their roles

  • Bill Denbrough – the boy stutters badly; he lost his brother Georgie and for a long time was obsessed with finding him – Jaeden Martell/James McAvoy.
  • Beverly Marsh – succumbed to the tyranny of the father, in the end chose a similar husband; in part 2 she has another surname – Sophia Lillis/Jessica Chastain.
  • Ben Hanscom – in childhood was fat, he was often mocked; He is now a slim-build successful builder – Jeremy Ray Taylor/Jay Ryan.
  • Richie Tozier – walked with glasses that he hated, later switched to lenses; afraid of dying or being forgotten by all – Finn Wolfhard/Bill Hader.
  • Mike Hanlon – the only black in the company, the only one left in the city of events described in part 1 – Chosen Jacobs/Isaiah Mustafa.
  • Eddie Kaspbrak – thanks to excessive care of the mother, he takes a bunch of pills and walks with an inhaler until he finds out that all his medications are a placebo; his main fear was diseases that his mother imposed on him; years later, he was never able to free himself from these thoughts – Jack Dylan/James Ransone.

Interesting Facts

  1. The book has not so much in common with movies, as I would like fans of Stephen King. The screen version looks less ominous, which is not the case with the paper work, which describes in detail the stories of the guys in 1800 pages.
  2. The involvement of James McAvoy has long been in doubt. Andy Muschietti, the director of the project, was very eager for the participation of James, but the employment of the actor almost ruined all plans. The filming process of part 2 was postponed twice.
  3. The work of Sophia Lillis was highly appreciated by critics, both in the first and in the second part. The girl was able to show herself wise beyond the years, as in the book of King, which the director wanted so much.
  4. The make-up of the clown Pennywise took so long that the rest of the actors came to the set only after 3-4 hours. Trims, wig, paint, makeup, from which everyone wanted to sneeze – these are the sacrifices that our actors make for the sake of art!

It 3: Release Date

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It 3not announced

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