iZombie season 4

This is an American series, first released in 2015. Starring Rose McAver, Malcolm Goodwin and Rahul Coley.

Release date tv series iZombie season 4 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held – February 26, 2018.

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The scenario of the new project has already been developed and now the matter is left only for the filming process itself.

What ended the series, the plot of the new series

The picture tells of a young beauty named Olivia, who in some unimaginable way, one day, turns to the most real zombie. The girl was active, cheerful and excellent health.

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izombie season 4

Now she has an appalling look, pale skin, dark circles under her eyes and almost completely white hair. But these are not the most terrible consequences. In order to remain in a normal psychological state, she regularly needs to eat real human brains.

Surprisingly, with every eaten brain, a girl gains the memories of a dead person. This allows her to restore the latest events in his life and find out what caused his death. Thus, Olivia can now help in the detection of crimes.

Interesting Facts

The series received many positive reviews. As for acting, the main characters, it is worthy of praise. The girl is distinguished by charisma, quite convincing and bright emotions, as well as ease and ease.

At first glance, the idea of ​​the series is quite trivial, but the creators managed to present it in a way that does not bore the spectator and maintain his interest throughout each season.

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izombie season 4

Separately, it should be noted humorous component. The film has a lot of black humor, as well as a lot of rather ridiculous, strange and funny moments that make it easy and enjoyable to watch. Interesting and detective background.

In addition to the fact that during the whole season the viewer is carried away by watching the main characters, he also has to watch the disclosure of crimes, which together allowed creating a real masterpiece. This picture will be of interest to both young people and the older generation.

The first season turned out to be extremely dynamic, interesting and exciting, so fans eagerly awaited the continuation of the story.

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As for the second season, here the creators have surpassed themselves and added to the event even more humor, even more interesting turns, as well as new charismatic villains and a fresh look at movies about zombies in general.

Critics predict a great future for the project, and the army of fans increases literally every day.

iZombie season 4 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
4x01Series 1February 26, 2018
4x02Series 2March 5, 2018
4x03Series 3March 12, 2018
4x04Series 4March 19, 2018
4x05Series 5March 26, 2018
4x06Series 6April 2, 2018
4x07Series 7April 9, 2018
4x08Series 8April 16, 2018
4x09Series 9April 23, 2018
4x10Series 10April 30, 2018

izombie official trailer

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