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The CIA’s analytical department has long been Jack Ryan’s second home. Being well versed in the possibilities of computer technology, he collected the necessary information about the criminals bit by bit. One day, his information turns out to be so valuable that Jack has to go to the country of the enemy with his boss. But will they be able to survive?

“Jack Ryan ss 4”: release date, announcement

Good ratings every year give the showrunners of the spy thriller “Jack Ryan” a hope for a sequel. New episodes may come out at the end of 2023 — Carlton Cuse, the creator of the picture, shared such thoughts with the press. It is also known that the 4th season will be the final one.


Jack Ryan, Marine veteran, got tired of the chase, after which he began to peacefully spend time at the computer. Calm relations with colleagues and superiors created the illusion of reliability. One day, Jack was given the task of keeping track of large bank transfers made by persons in the Middle East. Responsibly approaching the task, he soon stumbles upon dubious translations.

Intuition tells him that the matter is unclean. At the same time, James Greer is appointed Ryan’s boss. There are legends about him: he led the most complex operations to capture terrorists, but the last time something went wrong, and James was demoted to a simple head in the analytical department. From the first meeting, the relationship of men did not work out.

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Greer understood what the information Jack had unearthed was leading to, but he did not want to admit to himself that fate was again sending him to war. After much deliberation, he had to act, because the lives of American civilians were at stake, who could become new victims of terrorists. Greer sends a helicopter for Ryan.

Frame from the TV show

Jack, not suspecting anything, is talking at a party with an old acquaintance. Talking about how boring his job is, Ryan did not notice how a helicopter appeared nearby. The surprised interlocutor hardly believed the man and at that time did not even know if they would meet again someday. Without giving time to collect his thoughts, Jack is announced that he is flying to the airport to go to the Middle East…

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A man was caught who was suspected of transferring a large amount of money. The locals call him Suleiman, because in his homeland this is the most common name by which it is impossible to calculate a person. Together with him is his guard, who remained silent until Ryan came to him. During the conversation, Jack realizes, but it’s too late, that Suleiman is a guard.

His confidants have already come for Suleiman, ready to kill anyone who prevents them from taking their leader. The enemies manage to escape, and Ryan has a personal motive to stay here and look into what is happening…

Actors and their roles

  • Jack Ryan — Marine veteran; even-tempered, but sometimes too kind, which makes him ignore the most cruel orders; worked in the analytical department, where he found out a lot of interesting information about a terrorist group plotting to harm the people of the United States — John Krasinski.
  • James Greer — retired officer and Ryan’s current superior; made a mistake that claimed the lives of others, after which he was demoted to head of analysts; Greer is merciless to enemies; skillfully handles weapons, does not leave comrades on the battlefield without support — Wendell Pierce.
  • Suleiman — a wanted terrorist who is obsessed with bombings; teaches others, including children, the art of undermining — Ali Suliman.
  • Hanin — Suleiman’s woman; ready to surrender her husband in exchange for a living son; is playing a double game and soon her lie will be revealed — Dina Shihabi.
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Interesting Facts

  1. The TV show is based on a series of novels by writer Tom Clancy. The author did not take part in the creation of the picture, he only limited himself to selling the rights to the film adaptation.
  2. Four times the pictures about Jack Ryan were filmed, and different people became the main characters: from Alec Baldwin to Chris Pine. Most of the films proved to be commercially successful, but none of them lasted as long as the latest adaptation starring John Krasinski.
  3. The episode premiered on Amazon Video on August 31, 2018. Since then, each new season has gained more and more views, which allowed the creators of the project not to stop there.
  4. Filming for the season 4 started in February 2022 and lasted 3 months. The main locations were chosen in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Jack Ryan Season 4: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
4x01Series 12023
4x02Series 22023
4x03Series 32023
4x04Series 42023
4x05Series 52023
4x06Series 62023
4x07Series 72023
4x08Series 82023

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