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As a senior prosecutor, Janet King returns to her job after a long pregnancy leave. The woman plans to confront crime with the same zeal, especially when on its table are affairs of special importance.

When will the series “Janet King Season 5” come out?

At the moment there is no official information on whether the series “Janet King” will have a sequel. Filming is suspended after the release of the season 3, despite the fact that the creators planned to release two more seasons.


King is considered the best prosecutor. Her cruelty knows no limits, and criminals are frankly afraid. After spending a year at home in connection with the birth of two twins, she sees how the usual place of work and her employees have changed.

Now Janet has got a rival who tries to surpass her in every possible way. Owen Mitchell often uses non-standard methods and they do not always obey the law. The man decided to transfer from the police to the prosecutor’s office, and now represents for Janet the threat associated with her future career.

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After the decree, Janet gets a case about seducing a young girl with a famous photographer, but unfortunately loses it. And the following case openly confuses her. The policeman is accused of the death of an oncological spouse, who received a lethal dose of an anesthetic.

Such a loud process attracts a lot of attention, but afterwards the policeman is killed, the police becomes aware of the existence of a whole criminal network involved in child pornography, behind which are influential officials.

While King gives her time to work, her friend looks after her babies, but the woman also wants to build a family. How poor can Janet be a good mother and an excellent prosecutor? Where will her curiosity take her? Among other things, Janet is a lesbian, which often hinders work.

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Actors and their roles

  • Janet King is a prosecutor who only Mitchell can compete with, but after a year’s break in the work that knocked the woman out of the usual channel, quickly rebuilds and pushes Owen to the background, brings up two children, a lesbian – Marta Dusseldorp.
  • Owen Mitchell – became a prosecutor after a long service in the police ranks, trying to get ahead of Janet in a career and prove his worth, uses any methods to eliminate rivals, can not even conspire with criminals – Damien Walsh-Hawling.
  • Lina Badir – investigates crimes related to child abuse, unable to withstand the cruelty of the cases opened, Lina has a nervous breakdown – Andres Demetriades.

Interesting Facts

  1. The series is a spin-off of the dramatic picture “Crownies”, which was published in 2011, but was closed due to low ratings. Based on the mistakes made in the “Crownies” the creators decided to drastically work the series “Janet King”. This is the root cause of a long break between the seasons.
  2. The filming process began in 2013, and the first season was released a year later and consisted of 8 episodes. They were enough to warm up the public interest and continue shooting next season.
  3. Des Monaghan and Greg Haddrick took over as Executive Producers. The same position they got in the end of the series “Crownies”.
  4. For a long time there was controversy over the desired appearance of the main character. When Dusseldor was approved for the role of Janet, it was decided to leave her appearance to the maximum realistic, because it perfectly fit into the overall picture of the series.
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Janet King Season 5 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
5x01Series 1no information
5x02Series 2no information
5x03Series 3no information
5x04Series 4no information
5x05Series 5no information
5x06Series 6no information
5x07Series 7no information
5x08Series 8no information

Bianking – Janet and Bianca – First time saying “I love you”

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