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The narrative begins with the XIX century, where there live two half-brothers – Dio Brando and Jonathan Dzhostar. They were bound by fate under rather unusual circumstances and now they have to go along a long journey together.

When will the anime “JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken / JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure season 3”?

To the regret of fans in 2013 it became known about the termination of the franchise. Since the picture at that time went out of fashion, the audience confined themselves to already published works and the sense in the formulation of the continuation did not arise. We conclude – the anime “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure season 3” will not take place.


Accidentally on a forest road, a wagon crashed in which the family was traveling. In it was a man – Dario Brando, in whose life there were few good events. His foul heart decided not to do the best: one of the victims turned out to be an aristocrat. Confident of his death, Dario decided to steal a man.

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It turned out that the aristocrat was alive and Brando had no choice but to help the victim, who was Sir Jostar. For the great honor of being saved, he promised Dario that he would not remain in his debt. After a lapse of 12 years, Dario crept to death and he was able to convey a letter to Sir Jostar asking him to shelter his only son, Dio.

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After Dario died, Dio was sent to the estate of Sir Jostar. The boy and the son of the owner, Jonathan, immediately began to get heated relations. As if Jonathan did not restrain himself, he did not like a strange offspring.

Soon it became known that Dio intended to get rid of Jonathan by any means – he looks after the girl Jostar Jr., sets up friends against him, and once burned in the oven of Jonathan’s favorite dog. The patience of the son of the landowner comes to an end and now it becomes unknown – how this confrontation will end.

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The actors of scoring / Seiyuu

  • Dio Brando is the son of Dario Brando, who accidentally saved the death of the landowner Jostar Sr.. Clever, has paranormal abilities, cunning. Poisoned his own father, who hated his whole life for drunkenness, plans to get rid of Sir Jostar’s son – Nobuo Tanaka.
  • Jonathan Dzhostar – the son of a landowner, proud, impulsive, naive. Young years spent next to Dio, who never trusted. As a result, he gets acquainted with Will Zeppel and tries to learn Hamon, because he is sure that this will stop Dio-Jurot Kosugi.
  • Robert Edward Speedwagon – never was married, but always treated well the grandson and widow of Jostar. He lived 89 years, and after death continued to help them – Youji Ueda.
  • Will A. Zeppeli – adores mysticism, unsolved mysteries. In childhood he went with his father to the expedition, where the latter put on a mask that made him a vampire. After killing his comrades, Father Villa did not have time to reach his son, since he fell under the sun’s rays and was incinerated. Since then, Will has been traveling to find that very mask. Teaches Jonathan Hamon – Aya Hisayava.
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Interesting Facts

  1. Until 2014, a crowd of dedicated fans demanded continuation and the creators of the anime had to make a public statement that there would be no follow-up. Also it was reported about the new pictures, which were planned to be released in the near future, one of them was the full-length anime film “Your name”.
    Aya Hisayava twice refused to be a seiyu for Zeppel, but shortly before the beginning of the scoring she accepted the offer. From the third attempt.
  2. The first manga consisted of five volumes and 44 chapters. Her graduation fell on 1986. Even judging by the duration of the anime, we can say with certainty that history has become obsolete, although a whole generation of Japanese grew up on this manga.

Copy of Genius season 3 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
3x01Series 1closed
3x02Series 2closed
3x03Series 3closed
3x04Series 4closed
3x05Series 5closed
3x06Series 6closed
3x07Series 7closed
3x08Series 8closed
3x09Series 9closed
3x10Series 10closed

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