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Since ancient times, heroes with superpowers have lived on Earth, and the main one is the Utopian. His possibilities are endless, the number of criminals whom he put in prison has always increased every day, but happiness in the family escapes his hands. The older the children get, the harder it is to cope with them, and the villains exhaust him more and more every year…

“Jupiter’s Legacy ss 2”: release date, announcement

There will be no sequel to the fantastic TV series “Jupiter’s Legacy”. It is known that during the creation of the 1st season, everything went very badly. Multiple conflicts did not give the slightest chance to take up the continuation of the show. On top of that, Season 1 was not well received by viewers or film critics: ratings for each episode were low.


From the 1930s to the present day, people with physical strength have lived. There are few of them, but they diligently carry out what they consider to be their duty. They help people to live in peace and treat their strength as a hope for a brighter future. In the TV series, they talk about the family of the Utopian hero, who is raising a daughter, Chloe, and a son, Brandon.

Since childhood, the girl grows up naughty, but Brandon almost always obeys his father. The Utopian often speaks of mercy, faith in God, but children treat such speeches with condescension — the world has changed a long time ago, and they understand this, but the father treats it differently. Over time, Chloe grows up and increasingly scandals with her father.

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The girl does not come on time for dinner, which is important for the family. She acts in magazines for men, showing herself in all her glory, is not shy about flashy makeup, swearing in front of her parents and constantly drinks. The Utopian is upset that her daughter chose to use her power in this way, but cannot influence her. But Brandon grows up as an exemplary child and from him the least trouble. Only occasionally does he decide to disobey his father.

Frame from the TV show

One day, a villain named Blackstar escaped from prison, where the Utopian had sent him. Determined to show his strength at all costs, at the decisive moment Brandon delivers a fatal blow and kills the criminal. This is contrary to the basic law that his father repeated. What is to be done now, since the father’s trust has been lost? An uncle comes to the rescue, who surprises all superheroes.

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It turns out that Blackstar was able to move to another place and stay alive. The culprit has surpassed the Utopian’s wildest expectations. Now he will have to solve many important questions: what to do with the naughty son, how to neutralize the surviving Blackstar and who will help bring the prodigal Chloe home?

Actors and their roles

  • The Utopian — the strongest superhero; is engaged in the protection of earthlings and believes that no one deserves death, even hardened criminals; pessimist in life, which affects family relationships; loves his kids but considers them a disappointment — Josh Duhamel.
  • Brandon — suffers from the attacks of an almighty father, who hopes that his son will succeed him and continue to protect earthlings; instead of the path of mercy, the guy chooses murder and in the episode 1 of the season 1 he kills the main villain; Brandon is obedient, tries to maintain relationships in the family, although it is difficult with such a father — Andrew Horton.
  • Grace — wife of the Utopian, mother of Chloe and Brandon; does not condemn children, although she is strict when they go beyond the legal framework; possesses the same powers as her family members; together with the Utopian she fights for the good of the earthlings, but she is already tired of such a thankless job, even if she remains true to her husband’s judgment — Leslie Bibb.
  • Chloe — since childhood, she does not support the justice that her father administers, believing that the bandits should be punished by something more than just a prison; does not obey domestic laws, acts naked in a magazine, can easily come home drunk and make a brawl — Elena Kampouris.
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Interesting Facts

  1. The entire filming process took place in Toronto. Combat scenes took place in a room covered with a chroma key. For the location, local forests and plains were taken, the appearance of which was later superimposed on the chromakey.
  2. After season 1, the ratings of the TV show did not please anyone. The creators of the picture were especially unpleasantly surprised, because with a sufficiently large budget, the result did not give anything: a failed game of actors, battle scenes, etc. It is known that even a reshoot was organized, which took place in January 2021. Recall that the production of the show began in July 2019 and ended only in January 2020.
  3. Josh Duhamel spent the longest time in the chair in front of the makeup artists. His makeup was applied for an hour and a half, so he had to come to the site much earlier than the others.

Jupiter's Legacy Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1closed
2x02Series 2closed
2x03Series 3closed
2x04Series 4closed
2x05Series 5closed
2x06Series 6closed
2x07Series 7closed
2x08Series 8closed

Jupiter’s Legacy | Behind The Scenes: The Hilltop Battle | Netflix

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