Just Because! season 2

“Just Because! Season 2” is a continuation of the anime series directed by Atsushi Kobayashi, created by Pine Jam.

The premiere of the 1st season took place on October 5, 2017 (12 episodes).

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The anime is based on the novel by Hajime Kamoshid, which was published on September 6, 2017.
The director of the anime, Atsushi Kobayashi, did not plan to extend the series for the season 2.


In high school, when the time is already nearing release, it seems that nothing will change, and until the very end everything will be the same as before.

But, it turns out that even in the life of high school students there is a place for cardinal changes. In the familiar life of one of the third grades of high school broke a brand new student.

Brand new, but not for everyone. Four years ago, Eita Izumi moved to another city and lost all contact with his friends. And so, he returns home.

Just Because! season 2
Just Because! season 2

In the new class, Eita discovers his best friend since high school, Haruto Soma, and also Mio Natsume, their classmate.

The touching reunion of the best friends has become a bright spot in the general hard preparation for the entrance exams.

Yes, and Mio is also happy about what is happening, because she has kept a tender, but unreciprocal feelings in her heart, still from high school. Eita’s transfer to the new school was a big event, changing the lives of not only all of his classmates, but also children from other classes.

Just Because! season 2 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1will not take place
2x02Series 2will not take place
2x03Series 3will not take place
2x04Series 4will not take place
2x05Series 5will not take place
2x06Series 6will not take place
2x07Series 7will not take place
2x08Series 8will not take place
2x09Series 9will not take place
2x10Series 10will not take place
2x11Series 11will not take place
2x12Series 12will not take place



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