Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! Season 2


The beginning of 2020 gave fans of anime a huge number of new products. “Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!” – a series about three friends who were able to make their dreams come true. And not always the presence of a person’s talent is the key to recognition and success. It is necessary to make great efforts, show character and go to your goal, no matter what happens…

Genre – comedy.
The number of episodes is 12.
The premiere of the season 1 was held on January 5, 2020.

In some sources, the anime translates as “Hands off the Motion Pictures Club!”
The original name of the anime is Eizouken ni wa Te wo Dasu na!

When will the sequel to the anime “Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! Season 2” come out?

The fact that the manga will become the basis for the creation of the series was announced by the project management in May 2019. The first anime series was released in early January 2020. Work on the season 2 has not yet been officially announced, but suppose that the new series can start in December 2020.


Midori has always lived in the magical world of anime. She saw what the rest of the children had never seen. Drawing intricate pictures on a sheet of paper, the girl dreamed of one thing – to create her own masterpiece. The main character was lucky, because she met another fan of sketches – Tsubame Mizusaki. Midori’s best friend Sayaka Kanamori is on their team, who knows nothing about animation, but is ready to help make girls’ fantasies come true. After all, she is capable of organizing any business like no other.

Frame from anime

Now the trio of anime lovers have the following tasks: find a room, start work on a short film, then create their presentation, presenting their work to the student council, make money and get the status of a “club”. Midori and Tsubame’s talent is undeniable, but girls need time to start working in pairs. The long-awaited project is shown and accepted by the student council and the public. Girls have the first order for a short film from a club of robots. Further more. Acquisition of technology, scoring, music and success. But will everything be so simple for three friends?..

The main characters

  • Midori Asakusa – director of the club; her imagination has no limits; inquisitive and observant; even if Midori needs someone’s opinion or support, she’s unlikely to ask for it, because the girl is afraid of communication, in this case her best friend Kanamori comes to the rescue.
  • Tsubame Mizusaki – great at creating characters for anime; the girl is very sociable, energetic, purposeful and open; she grew up in a wealthy family, so she was never interested in financial matters; parents forbade Tsubame to join the film club, because they dreamed of seeing their daughter as an actress.
  • Sayaka Kanamori – producer of the club; fully responsible for finances; looks at all things through the prism of money – she was the first to see material benefits in the duet of Midori and Tsubame; in life is realistic.

Interesting Facts

  1. Fans are looking forward to May 15, 2020, when they can see the full-length film, where the main characters will be the girls from the famous Japanese music group Nogizaka46. Mizuki Yamashita, Asuka Saito and Minami Umezawa will play the roles of Tsubame Mizusaki, Midori Asakusa and Sayaka Kanamori respectively. In addition, on April 5, 2020, a 5-episode TV series with the same girls will be released.
  2. The main director of the anime was Masaaki Yuasa. He is the founder of Science Saru’s own animation studio. Masaaki received a huge number of awards for his work. Among his projects: “Lu Over the Wall”, “Ride Your Wave”, “Mind Game” and others.
  3. Manga was nominated for the 11th annual Manga Taisho Award in 2018. In the same year, it ranked 15th on the list of best manga of the year according to Kono Manga ga Sugoi! manga guide published by Takarajimasha. Also, the equally popular project “Dr. Stone” was on this list.

Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1December 2020
2x02Series 2December 2020
2x03Series 3December 2020
2x04Series 4December 2020
2x05Series 5December 2020
2x06Series 6December 2020
2x07Series 7December 2020
2x08Series 8December 2020
2x09Series 9December 2020
2x10Series 10December 2020

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