Killing Bites season 2


The adaptation of the manga “The Deadly Bite”, which is published in 2013. Anime series in genres etti, science fiction, action, adventure, action, horror, sainen has a R + rating (prohibited for viewing by persons under 17). The first season includes 12 series with a duration of 24 minutes.

When the anime will be released Killing Bites season 2

The release date of the second season has not been announced, but, according to the creators’ assumptions, the continuation may not come out until 2020.


The action of the anime series Killing Bites season 2 is unfolding in the alternative Japan of the near future. Scientists for the certain purposes have created the newest subspecies of biological (zoological, more correctly to tell) the weapon.

Killing-Bites-season-2-2Such weapons became hybrid creatures: a cross between man and animals. But researchers are slow to use the power of such hybrid creatures for the good of the world. Instead of the implementation of useful cases, organizations are organizing all over the country that are carnage-dueling between super-people for the sake of gawkers, everyone who wants bread and circuses and, of course, the rich who make huge bets on the outcome of the bloody battles!

At the peak of the heyday of such duels, an ordinary Japanese student Yu Nomoto daily seeks hybrids in order to personally promote them in dueling duels.

Once Nomoto’s acquaintances ask him to make them company for the evening: they want to force the girls, but the car is only in Nomoto. Soon, Yuya understands that one “familiarity” is not limited to: friends not only kidnapped the girl, but also gathered to rape her!

Here the most interesting begins: Hitomi, a potential victim, in fact turns out to be a hybrid of a man and a man-eating, and kills a company of kidnappers. All but Nomoto herself … She not only saves his life, but also becomes the bodyguard of a naive guy.


  • Uzaki Hitomi – the main heroine of anime and manga. Killing Bites season 2. It is a hybrid of a man and a man-eating, because of which he has absolute fearlessness on the battlefield. He knows how to defend himself, attacks sharply and does not allow the enemy to think about the strategy. Does not respect and does not like people, except Reichi (creator of Hitomi), in Nomoto feels slight disregard. He treats enemies with contempt and indifference, constantly forgets their names, even if he already fought them.
  • Nomoto Yuya is an ordinary, unremarkable Japanese sophomore, who is forced to work as Hitomi’s representative on the battles of hybrid people. By his own stupidity he helped fellow students kidnap Hitomi, and after the incident, Reichi forced him to live with Hitomi. Now he works as a manager who helps promote Hitomi in hybrid battles without rules.
  • Nakanishi Elsa is a hybrid of a girl and a cheetah. From this animal she got an instant reaction and high speed.
    Inaba Ui is a hybrid of a girl and a rabbit. I have never won in combat, because I’m afraid of fighting and do not like pain. He prefers to run away from an opponent or hide.
  • Rikujo Kaori – a hybrid of man and civet (a predatory mammal, similar to a large cat). Pheromones can be used in combat.
  • Kazama Kaede is a hybrid of man and gecko. Has sadistic inclinations.
  • Okajima Ichinoske is a hybrid of a man and a hippopotamus. Big and strong.
  • Shido Reichi is the creator of Hitomi, the researcher. He often uses Hitomi’s devotion to unquestioningly carry out his orders. The site for fighting without rules, he uses to conduct testing of new types of hybrids created by him.
  • Nakanishi Taiga is Elsa’s elder brother, a hybrid of a guy and a tiger.
    Kido Takeshi is a hybrid with pangolin, merciless to his opponents. Like a pangolin, adores trees and does not forgive opponents if they destroy them in the course of a fight.
  • Jake Shota is a hybrid of man and gorilla.
  • Hongo Jeroe – a hybrid of man and bear, specializes in hybrid sumo wrestling.
    Oonuma Den is a hybrid of man and cobra.
  • Shiina Ryudzhi is a hybrid of man and crocodile.
  • Tanya Yugo – a hybrid of man and a lion. The battle is bloodthirsty and does not know mercy, but outside the ring is friendly enough and sociable.

Interesting Facts

  1. Hybrid of the main heroine of the anime The deadly bite of the season 2 with the honey-man was chosen not by chance. Cannon is considered the most terrible, most dangerous and unpredictable predator on the planet. This animal was even noted in the world Guinness Book of Records as “the most fearless beast”.
  2. At the beginning of 2018, the manga (primary source) has 9 volumes.
  3. In 2015, a manga game was released on Playstaton 4 and Playstaton Vita.

Killing Bites season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 12020
2x02Series 22020
2x03Series 32020
2x04Series 42020
2x05Series 52020
2x06Series 62020
2x07Series 72020
2x08Series 82020
2x09Series 92020
2x10Series 102020