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The series tells the story of the state of Great Joseon, where there was a huge disaster. The ruler of the state could not fulfill his duties, but immediately there was a volunteer who decided to replace the ruler at his post. On top of that, the young wife is waiting for the heir. But what about the eldest son from the first wife, the true heir to the throne?

When will the series “Kingdom Season 3” come out?

A sequel to the fantastic Korean TV show “Kingdom” has yet to be announced. At the moment, it is known that after the release of 2 seasons, the viewer will see 2 special issues. The first is scheduled to air on 23 July 2021, the second one about the Crown Prince – in 2023.

In recent years, Korea has been releasing more and more good projects that the public likes. And some of them last for several seasons, like the “Kingdom”.


After the news that his father was sick, the Prince of Great Joseon, Lee Chang, could not get him to go to his parent. Advisor to the emperor and the newly made wife of his father, under any pretext, refuse the guy a meeting. In the end, everything is brought up so long that Lee Chang is threatened with a charge of treason. He has to go the other way.

He tricked into his father’s bed, but instead of seeing his father, he stumbles upon a snarling monster that introduces him into a stupor. Not having obtained answers from the adviser, Lee Chang proceeds to decisive action. Taking with him a faithful guard, the guy goes in search of evidence that will help him prove to the people and his servants that his father is no longer alive.

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At this time, a tragedy unfolded in the temple, where Lee Chang would later arrive. All the people who were here tasted the soup, which contained the remains of their comrade, who died from an unknown disease. That very night they turned into bloodthirsty monsters, and only two of them, a woman and a man, who did not have time to taste cannibalistic food, were able to escape.

Frame from the series

When Lee Chang arrived at the temple, he discovered mountains of corpses. He decided to bury these people with dignity and ordered the bodies to be taken to the city. Then he went in search of a doctor, but came across a woman who managed to escape. She said that with the advent of the moon, the dead come to life and kill people. Lee Chang realized what mistake he made, but it was too late…

Great sorrow came to Great Joseon. Soon it became known that the ruler had died and now the struggle for power is becoming undisguised. What will happen to Lee Chang, who ordered the dead to be brought to their home state? Who after this wants to have something in common with him? Who will the people believe – the adviser to the ruler who rigged all this, or Lee Chang?

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Actors and their roles

  • Lee Chang – the eldest son of the ruler of the Great Joseon; Does not take seriously the new wife of his father and his adviser, who hide the truth about the condition of the parent; Lee Chang wants to achieve the truth not only for himself, but also for his people; he travels with his guard and tries to find a doctor who can prove the death of his father – Ju Ji-hoon.
  • Cho Hak-ju – Advisor to the Emperor; hides his death, because he wants the unborn child to step on the throne from the new wife of the ruler; he is in every way preventing Lee Chang from falling into his father’s chambers, but to no avail; possesses great power and successfully manipulates it – Ryu Seung-ryong.
  • Seo-bi – a woman who was in the temple at a time when all people began to turn into zombies; she saw her friend add human meat to the soup; Seo-bi sincerely believes that moss can heal the dead, so she went looking for it on the advice of a doctor – Bae Doona.

Interesting Facts

  1. At the time of 2020, each episode of season 1 was viewed more than 5 million times. No Korean multi-part picture has such indicators for this year. It is still unknown whether the creators will be able to repeat their success in season 2, but the end of the first one promises the project great success.
  2. Ju Ji-hoon constantly complained about his headgear, which he wore in season 1. He often could not finish the scene, because his forehead was constantly pressed. As a result, by the end of the season, dressers decided to remove this hat and replace it with a more convenient thing.
  3. Bae Doona at the time of filming season 2 found out that she was pregnant, but the woman decided not to leave her job. She successfully finished acting in the season, and now her question about further participation is being decided. It is likely that the scriptwriters will remove her character from the plot. But the director insists that the filming of the new season begins after Bae gives birth.
  4. Ryu Seung-ryong survived 3 strokes and still looks great in the series! And all thanks to the healthy lifestyle that he came to after the third stroke. At first, he hoped that everything would work out, but it did not work out, he had to think about his lifestyle. Otherwise, the next stroke could simply kill the actor.
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Kingdom Season 3: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
3x01Series 1not announced
3x02Series 2not announced
3x03Series 3not announced
3x04Series 4not announced
3x05Series 5not announced
3x06Series 6not announced

Kingdom | Featurette: The Making of Kingdom [HD] | Netflix

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