Kingsman 3

The third part of the spy thriller created by the studio “20th Century Fox” and directed by Matthew Vaughn together with Icon Comics.

In early 2019, the 20th century studio management announced the start of work on “Kingsman 3”. At the same time, they sought to release a film by February 2020. However, after a while, a new premiere date was announced – September 18, 2020. Then the premiere was again postponed, this time to March 12, 2021.

When will Kingsman (Kingsman) 3

According to some information in the third film, the role of the villainous villain will get Duane Scale Johnson, in addition, Matthew Vaughn plans to release a separate spin-off “Statesman”.

A series of spy fighters – the next screen version of comics from Matthew Vaughn – the creator of the films “X-Men: First Class” and “Kick-Ass”.

A new film will not leave indifferent all lovers of dashing twists and plots and exciting special effects.

How it all began

The main character of the film is Gary the gifted young man who abandoned his studies at the Naval Infantry and lives aimlessly. Once he gets into trouble because of the theft of the car and finds himself in a police station where he faces imprisonment.

Kingsman 3 poster

However, his life abruptly changes when he meets secret agent Harry Hart. He pulls out the kid and says that he served with his father when he died, saving the lives of his comrades. Harry sees a huge potential in a young man and decides to change his life for the better.

He suggests Gary to become an agent of Kingsman’s independent spying service, which protects the world from criminals. The guy agrees, but to become a real special agent, he needs to be trained along with other candidates.

The future spy will have to overcome many tests before he is entrusted with the main task – saving the planet from the villain Valentine, who wants to destroy all of humanity. Will Gary cope with the tasks assigned and will he be able to justify the hopes that were placed on him?

Than it all ended

Above the world hung a new evil. While Eggsi was busy with enjoying a new spy for him, full of dangers and an exorbitant risk of dying.

The criminal organization, calling itself the “Golden Ring” and headed by eccentric Poppy, sent her gaze to the headquarters of “Kingsman”.

Kingsman 3 poster

And when his faithful knights, agents scattered around the world were engaged in their espionage affairs, she blew up the bastion of a secret organization, leaving the world without protection.

Egssey and his mentor Merlin, seized with vengeance and a thirst for justice, go to America, where, according to information received from the informant, the head of the criminal organization is hiding.

In the US, they get to know the representatives of the twin brother of his almost-destroyed organization Kingsman, with an outrageous and brutal “Statesman”.

The Statesman spies, twisting their lasso and waving cowboy hats, agree to help the stiff British brethren with their gloomy umbrellas. Together, they oppose a powerful and dangerous enemy, fighting with his numerous armies of mercenaries.

In the course of the struggle, Eggsey learns a frightening and at the same time joyful news for him. It turns out that his teacher is alive. But it is not known, on whose side is he and what is to be expected of him?

Kingsman 3: release date

NameSeries titleRelease date
KingsmanPart 3March 12, 2021

Kingsman 2017 Trailer

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