Kizumonogatari Reiketsu-hen Movie 3

A sequel to a fantastic anime created by studio Madhouse Studios and directed by Naoyuki Ito on January 8, 2016.

The premiere of the anime Kizumonogatari Reiketsu-hen Movie 3 took place – January 6, 2017. Unfortunately fans are given this part of the anime series was the final.

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After defeating the three specialists, Araragi received all parts of Kisshott’s body and is ready to return them to him to become a human again.

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But there are many questions: how does Kisshott make him a man? How did the three specialists defeat Kissshot at the height of power, but lost to Araragi? Why did you really come? How will the relations between Araraga and Hanakawa continue? All this viewers will soon find out.

Gods, this is the most frustrated part of all three. I would gladly advise the History of Wounds to all vampire lovers, but the final battle was so stupid and ridiculous, and the scene with the chest in the back room is so embarrassingly ridiculous that it’s just scary to advise.

As part of the stories – a very good part, the most daring and rating humor, and a lot more became clear, it became clear, although it is now obvious that almost everything (well, except Hanekawa’s vulgar tricks) was shown … in the first series … in the first 1.5 minutes …. And it is very unexpected to realize. And it’s funny.

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And what about Hanekawa itself … I would not have talked with Araragi after this, but I began to bypass the 10th road. All the same, Tsubasa is f[u]cked up. Worse than Hitagi.

Kizumonogatari Reiketsu-hen Movie 3 release date

NameRelease date
Kizumonogatari 3January 6, 2017

Kizumonogatari Reiketsu-hen official trailer

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