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Japanese director Yusuke Yamamoto on his Twitter account announced the extension of the anime series Knight’s & Magic for Season 2. According to some reports, the premiere of the new series is scheduled for 2020. But there is no official confirmation of this information yet.

It seems that the whole world is waiting for the continuation of the beloved by millions of anime “Knight’s & Magic season 2”, but there is no official information about the premiere of season 2. Will the director and his team take up work on new episodes?
Most likely our anime is one of those where the interval between the seasons is more than a year or even two. But we are patient, we will wait…

Pilot issues immediately attracted the attention of fans of the genre, were held at the top positions of the rating from the first days of the show.

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It is quite natural that many people are interested in the question when “Knight’s & Magic” appears in Season 2. Fans of the series can immediately be reassured.

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The project is removed based on the manga, which is still being published. About 10 volumes are currently published. Therefore, the continuation will appear in the near future.


In the center of events is a 28-year-old guy named Kurata. The guy works in a company for the production of robots, leads a closed life. Once, returning home, Kurata falls under the car. Contrary to logic, the guy does not die, at least in the metaphysical plan.

The soul of the victim is transferred to the parallel universe, where he finds a new embodiment in the body of the teenage girl Ernest Eshevariy, who is simply called “Eru”. A young guy adapts in a new body, and gets acquainted with the world around him.

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Here, the previously unsociable guy has new friends and a cherished dream. The world in which Kurata turned out to be highly developed in technological terms. There are many robots that help people literally in everything. The most interesting is the shattering weapon of fur with the epic title “Silhouette Knight”. Literally, all teenagers dream of a dream to manage the invincible battle androids, and the era is no exception.

Together with new friends Adeltrud and Archid, they decides to learn a fur pilot and devote her life to protecting the new world from any external threat. Enrolled in the academy, the guys will learn the basics of piloting and after the release become full-fledged pilots of the Silhouettes Knight. Soon, the knowledge will be put into practice.

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The world is threatened with a host of dangers that require the intervention of brave pilots. The greatest threat comes from the Demon Beasts: a huge giant, called Behemoth. This is a kind of “Imperial tortoise”: a monster covered with steel plates and thorns, reaching a height of 50 meters. The demon has a huge reserve of manna, magic makes it almost invulnerable. One Behemoth is able to withstand the ten “Silhouettes Knight”. Now Eru and his friends have to fight monstrous monsters, protecting the world from total destruction.

Knight's & Magic season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1no information
2x02Series 2no information
2x03Series 3no information
2x04Series 4no information
2x05Series 5no information
2x06Series 6no information
2x07Series 7no information
2x08Series 8no information
2x09Series 9no information
2x10Series 10no information


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