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Nicky is an exemplary girl. But whatever she undertakes, her mother always reproaches her. Studying at Harvard and a relationship with a guy of Chinese appearance does not suit Nicky, and instead of indulging her mother, she goes in search of herself. The chosen place turns out to be a nunnery, where they teach kung fu and show how to achieve spiritual harmony.

“Kung Fu ss 2”: release date, announcement

The continuation of the long-awaited TV show “Kung Fu” is officially announced: the premiere of the season 2 is scheduled to be released on March 9, 2022!
Since the new project is a remake of the 1972 TV series of the same name, consisting of 3 seasons, we can assume that we will see all the episodes.
Recall that season 1 premiered on CW on April 7, 2021, and was announced just 30 days prior to its premiere.


Due to Mei-Li’s constant rebuke, Nicky develops depression. To cope with the ensuing hysteria, Nicky goes to a monastery and learns martial arts. She gave up everything: her boyfriend Evan, her mother, her father, her brother, her sister, her studies. But after 3 years, mercenaries led by a woman attacked her abode. She took away the sword that the inhabitants of the monastery were supposed to guard.

Nicky tried to chase her kidnapper, but when victory was close and the sword was in her hand, the girl found that she was unable to hold it. It burns the skin and does not allow to touch itself. But the villainess easily took possession of the weapon. The monastery was completely destroyed. Nicky had to return to the house, which she dislikes so much.

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Her brother Ryan, sister Althea and father Jin welcomed her with hugs while her mother announced that she had no daughter. All Nicky’s attempts to reconcile were in vain – Mei-Li was upset by the county of her daughter and could not forgive her for such an act. But it turned out that the mother herself was not without sin.

Frame from the TV show

The cafe, which their family owned, was going through hard times. Mei-Li decided to take a loan from a local gangster and was unable to repay the debt. Every day his people came and beat Jin. Another conflict with criminals made Nicky understand that the case would have to be solved by herself. Only ex-boyfriend Evan, who works in the police, can help. But would he want to collaborate with her? After all, 3 years ago, she left him.

Gradually Nicky makes new acquaintances, solves painful problems and comes close to unraveling the secrets associated with the sword. It turned out that there are 8 such swords, and if the villain collects everything, then the usual world will come to an end. In addition to family problems, Nicky will be forced to confront the most ancient evil. She has few allies, but often there are people in whose souls goodness glimmers.

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Nicky does not know that the sword that burned her hand revealed her unused destiny … But from the very arrival, Nicky understands that something happened to her. She is able to penetrate her own visions and began to move in such a way that the laws of gravity do not work for her. Nicky tries to ignore the obvious, but soon she will have to face the truth…

Actors and their roles

  • Nicky – could not overcome depression, went to China at the insistence of her mother and instead of the promised training ended up on a date with a Chinese man, which was set up by a mother who knows that her daughter is dating an American; straight from the date, Nicky went to the monastery, where she spent 3 happy years – Olivia Liang.
  • Mei-Li – Nicky’s mother, from the age of 5 forced the girl to learn the Harvard anthem, because she wanted to see her in the ranks of the students of a prestigious university; many years ago she left China, having quarreled with her parents, and opened her own cafe; only after success did she manage to renew relations with them; very demanding, but with a big heart; loves children, although she is constantly dissatisfied with them – Kheng Hua Tan.
  • Ryan – Nicky’s brother; for many years he was embarrassed to tell his family that he was gay; Ryan was waiting for help from Nicky, who knew everything from the very beginning, but at the crucial moment she left for the monastery, leaving her brother alone with her problems – Jon Prasida.
  • Henry – Ryan’s companion and Nicky’s new friend; owns fighting techniques, but is inferior to the girl in a duel; knows a lot about history, including swords; Nicky often spends time with him in the library and just as often follows his advice – Eddie Liu.
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Interesting Facts

  1. The picture is an adaptation of the 1972 TV series of the same name, but many events have been changed and adjusted to the present. For example, instead of the male protagonist, a girl named Nicky was chosen, whose faith in people and goodness helped her fight crime and look for swords. In 1993, another attempt was made to film a TV series called “Kung Fu: The Legend Continues”.
  2. For the actors, 8 stuntmen from “TAdviser” were invited. The contract between the creators of the show and the company for season 2 has not yet been signed, since it is not known whether the TV project is waiting for a continuation or whether the cooperation will have to be suspended.
  3. The TV series was filmed in Langley, British Columbia. The production process for the show lasted 6 months: from October 2020 to April 2021.

Kung Fu Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1Marc 9, 2022
2x02Series 2Marc 16, 2022
2x03Series 3Marc 23, 2022
2x04Series 4Marc 30, 2022
2x05Series 5April 6, 2022
2x06Series 6April 13, 2022
2x07Series 7April 20, 2022
2x08Series 8April 27, 2022
2x09Series 9May 4, 2022
2x10Series 10May 11, 2022

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