Kuroshitsuji Movie: Book of the Atlantic part 2

The new part of the anime action series, based on the popular manga and a series of remarkable novels, was released in the fall of 2017. Director: Toshiya Sinohara. Country: Japan

The release of the continuation of the anime film “Kuroshitsuji Movie: Book of the Atlantic part 2” is not planned.


Animated series “Kuroshitsuji” – anime based on the popular manga.
The action takes place in England during the reign of Queen Victoria. Ciel Phantomhive at a very young age lost both parents, and he himself was in the hands of the villains. But the boy signed a contract with the devil and survived, having received a note of the contract – a pentagram on the right eye and the butler Sebastian Mikaelis, also performing the function of a guard.

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Poster Kuroshitsuji Movie: Book of the Atlantic

Ciel inherited the estate and sweets company, but his main job was to serve the queen and carry out secret missions. Sebastian arranges a life, hiring an incredibly far-sighted maid, who used to be a killer, a gardener who escaped from experiments on his inhuman power, and a cook-soldier experimenting with dynamite.

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The world of heroes is inhabited by angels, demons and reapers. Anyway, Ciel and Sebastian have to face them. In addition, the latter himself is a demon and, at the expiration of the contract, must absorb the soul of his master. Although there is an option in which this does not happen …

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The headlines of London newspapers plunge English society into a panic: “The dead rise from the dead.” What is this medical miracle capable of bringing the deceased back to life?

Poster Kuroshitsuji Movie: Book of the Atlantic

As soon as the rumors about the dead come to the “chain dog” of Her Majesty, Count Siel Fanthayv, he and his faithful butler Sebastian go on a voyage aboard the luxury liner “Campania” to investigate the mysterious resurrections conducted by the closed society “Aurora”. Ciel and Sebastian are almost a step away from the truth, but are the heroes guessing that by investigating this matter, they themselves may be one foot in the grave?

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Kuroshitsuji Movie: Book of the Atlantic part 2 release date

NameRelease date
Kuroshitsuji Movie 2not planned

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