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Susan Edwards is trying to convince her husband Christopher that they will soon be able to overcome the language barrier. Not so long ago, the couple moved to France. Their savings are running out, and her husband could not find a suitable job. Calling his stepmother Tabitha, Christopher asks for a loan and tells a story about which he was silent for 15 years…

“Landscapers ss 2”: release date, announcement

The story of a strange married couple was copied from real-life people, so the continuation of the serial drama “Landscapers”, most likely, will not be. In the 1st season, their misadventures are described in detail, as well as a motive that was understandable only to themselves.


The call to the British police came from Tabitha, who reported that Christopher had buried his wife’s parents in the backyard 15 years ago. Deciding to check the veracity of his words, the police went to the new tenants who were inhabiting this house now. Sensing something was wrong, excavations begin, and indeed: they find two corpses that are the parents of Susan.

Since the couple is now in France, English detectives cannot influence them in any way. Only through Internet communication they manage to talk with the head of the family. To their surprise, Christopher agrees to come to England. He only asks to help them with the move, since the family has almost no money left.

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As a little girl, Susan’s father often abused the child. The mother pretended not to notice anything — she was only interested in a bottle of alcohol. Fleeing from reality, the child found salvation in westerns and often imagined herself as a heroine being rescued by a charming man — in her dreams it was Christopher.

Frame from the TV show

One day, an adult Susan heard a scream from her parents’ bedroom, they were quarreling again and her mother pulled the trigger. Father was instantly killed. The daughter came in and saw a drunk mother. She, in a fit of anger, began to remind Susan of a painful childhood and grin at the moments where her father raped her. Unable to bear it, the woman shot her mother. There were two corpses.

By informing Christopher of the incident, she received support. He came and buried the old people in the backyard of their house. That was Susan’s version. Christopher, on the other hand, said that his wife did not know how to shoot, and it was he who pulled the trigger. As proof, he even said that in his youth he attended a shooting club. After the crime, being lovers of romantic westerns, they decided to go to France.

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The family said to those around them that the parents had left for Ireland. They even sent postcards to friends on their behalf. But the money was running out, it was difficult to find a job and Christopher decided to confess what had happened to Tabitha. Once again imagining themselves heroes of westerns, the married couple returns to their homeland, where they are met by a whole detachment of police. Punishment cannot be avoided!

Actors and their roles

  • Susan — loves old movies; buys up various movie posters of past years, which ultimately leads their family to a lack of money; reproaches her husband for telling everything to his stepmother, but believes in him, because she again imagines herself the heroine of a western who follows her man — Olivia Colman.
  • Christopher — shields his wife in every possible way, even when it was no longer possible; Christopher, like his wife, is fond of westerns; for a long time he could not learn French, which prevented him from getting a job; considers himself right in committing murder and does not understand why they are trying to put such good people as they are behind bars for 25 years — David Thewlis.

Interesting Facts

  1. Will Sharpe is the director of the film, and almost all projects in his filmography are successful. Since 2010, he has been working with Benedict Cumberbatch (“Doctor Strange”), who was filming another film at the time, “Sherlock”; and in 2021 the film “The Electrical Life of Louis Wain” was released, where Benedict again played the main role.
  2. The “Landscapers” mini-series consists of 4 episodes with a total duration of 193 minutes.
  3. Olivia Colman is an Emmy and Oscar winner, 4 BAFTA and 3 Golden Globes. Of all the “Landscapers” cast, she is the highest paid person.
  4. David Thewlis is remembered by many for his role as Professor Lupine in the “Harry Potter” film series. It was in those years that he gained popularity, after which Thewlis’s career went up. He managed to star in the films “Besieged”, “Total Eclipse”, “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas”, “Naked”, etc. For public life, the actor uses his mother’s maiden name.
  5. In 1998, William and Patricia Wycherley were actually killed by their relatives. The crime took place in Forest Town, Nottinghamshire, UK.
  6. The filming process took place from March to April 2021 in Mansfield and six months later the picture was ready for release on HBO. Initially, it was decided not to travel to France, where the characters were for some time according to the plot. French shops, bakeries and so on were designed right on the streets of Mansfield (England).
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Landscapers Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1not announced
2x02Series 2not announced
2x03Series 3not announced
2x04Series 4not announced

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