Legends of Tomorrow season 4


Over the world, a mortal danger has opened up, only the one who can move through time can save the universe. This person turns out to be Rick Hunter. He learns that the future promises him a painful death and the fate of the whole world depends on this circumstance.

When will the series “Legends of Tomorrow season 4”

The Legends of Tomorrow season 4 will be available for viewing at the end of 2018. The exact date management of the series has not yet advertised. They plan to start shooting in May, as it was done in the third season.


To win in a difficult battle, Hunter takes himself to the year 2016, finds superheroes and tries to put them together in one team, but this is difficult. Among people with superpowers, there are both bad and good.

legengs-of-tomorrow-4Overcoming personal differences, Atom, White Canary, Captain-Cold, Hawk Man and other outstanding heroes are entering the struggle to continue life on Earth and are trying to destroy the main enemy of humanity – Vandal Savage.

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Part of the crew become the guardians of time and responsibly follow the preservation of historical events. Watchmaker OCA (Society for the Justice of America) Rex Tyler, it becomes known that the return of heroes in 1942 is strictly prohibited. At first, everyone believes these words, but a coincidence indicates the opposite – superheroes should immediately go to the specified year and prevent the explosion of the atomic bomb that was in the hands of the Nazis.

Preventing a terrible tragedy, Rick has to scatter each member of the team in time. Will he be able to put them together again or will the new friends never see again? The fourth season will tell us about this.

At the end of the season, the filmmakers Flash and Strela came to the conclusion that the whole line of serials should keep pace with each other. When the season of one serial came to an end – another began. So it became easier for viewers to understand the infinite string of superheroes.

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Actors and their roles

  • Rip Hunter – Arthur Daville. Also known as Rory Williams in the TV series “Doctor Who”.
    Atom is Brandon Ruth. In addition to acting career, is a successful model. Theo played in the movie “400 Days” (2015).
  • The white canary is Katie Lotz. At the beginning of her career she was fond of dancing, then she soloed in the German group SOCCX.
  • Martin Stein – Victor Garber. Canadian actor, played the father of the main character in the series “Spy”, also played the captain of the ship in the sensational drama “Titanic”. In 1967 he participated in the folk group.
  • Vandal Savage, the main villain is Casper Crump. From 2014 to 2016 he took an active part in the filming of the series “Flash”.
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5 interesting Facts about the “Legends of Tomorrow”

  1. Almost the entire budget of the television series went to the maintenance of the wave-helter – this is the ship on which the heroes move through time.
  2. Atom (Brandon Ruth) previously played Superman from DS Comics.
  3. In comics there is no “Legends of Tomorrow”, their original name is “Forgotten Heroes”.
  4. Savage has existed for over 6,000 years, helping to tidy up the power of the richest and most powerful tyrants.
  5. Rip Hunter – the most famous traveler in the comic universe, originally traveled with a friend, a girl and her brother. The first mention of it is dated comic books of 1959 issue.

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