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Talented orphans Baudelaire are able to improvise well, as well as solve difficult problems without delay. The blame for everything is the monetary state that the parents left after their death. Together with a rich inheritance, many problems appear in the face of their uncle Lemony Snicket, who in every possible way tries to annoy the children and take away their wealth.

When will the series “Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events season 3” be released?

“Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events season 3” will be released on January 1, 2019. Fell loved the series decided to extend for another season. Neil Patrick Harris, who played the main villain, said that, most likely, the season will be the last, and the series will be less than usual.


One of the conditions under which children will get a fortune is the attainment of adulthood by one of them. The elder is Violet, who is now 14 years old. Another 4 years, children should expect an inheritance. Now the guys are waiting for danger at every angle.

Count Olaf becomes the main antagonist of the series, essentially complicating their life. He is a relative of the father, but care and charity are alien to him. The guys got into a real hell and they have to wait in the acting group of Count Olaf.

Shot from the series

The man beats them, forces them to prepare complex dishes, humiliates, forces them to put them behind bars, to marry Violet’s eldest daughter, to kill Sunny and to come up with new tricks for children. Olaf is ready to go for any manipulation, all in order to take the inheritance to himself. But the children were not so simple, as it seemed to him at first glance.

Actors of their role

  • Count Olaf – Neil Patrick Harris. Singer, actor and illusionist. Participant of the paintings “A million ways to lose your head”, “Disappeared”, “American Pie. Everyone is here”. Was shot in the main role of the series “How I Met Your Mother”.
  • Violet – Malina Weissman. Born in 2003, at the time of shooting 3 season, the girl turned 15 years old. Famous for the role of the young April O’Neal in the movie “Tortoises of the Ninjas”. From a small age working as a model.
  • Klaus, brother of Violet – Louis Hynes. He was born in 2001. He acted in the films “Invasion of the Barbarians” and “Saint”, and also plays himself in a TV show called “Lunch”.
  • Sanny – Presley Smith. A small miracle that does not say a single word for the whole series. Nevertheless, it uses frenzied popularity on the Internet. At the time of filming the first season, the girl turned 2 years old. All her thoughts in the series are voiced outside the frame. Also the baby is a real monster, biting the whole crew.

Interesting Facts

  1. Gossip about third season will be the last, not unfounded. As the series is screened for a series of books, the last season will capture the remaining books and tell the viewer the whole story to the very end.
  2. Earlier, after the release of the first season, the management of the series released to the masses a rumor that after the first season you should not wait for the continuation, but in a year the video hosting “Netflix” extended the contract for another 2 seasons, thereby inspiring the idea to the creators of the series.
  3. The idea to remove the screen version of the book appeared in 2014, but the world saw it only in 2017. The casting began in 2015, where the main characters met each other. At the same time, the main staff was approved.
  4. Nik Urata performed as a composer, writing wonderful melodies.

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events season 3 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
3x01Series 1Jan 1, 2019
3x02Series 2Jan 8, 2019
3x03Series 3Jan 15, 2019
3x04Series 4Jan 22, 2019
3x05Series 5Jan 29, 2019
3x06Series 6Fab 5, 2019
3x07Series 7Fab 12, 2019

A Series of Unfortunate Events


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