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There is a category of people capable of exaggerating the importance of events in any situation. Chip Curry is one of those people. Just yesterday his life consisted of many sins, and today he suddenly decided for all to live according to the laws of God. With the support of relatives, Curry is ready to live the Bible for a whole year.

When will the series “Living Biblically Season 2” come out?

Continuation of the sitcom “Year of Life in Biblical” will not take place. The series was decided to close after the release of the 1st season. Most likely, the low ratings were the culprit, which mercilessly fell from series to series.


All his life, Chip was not very interested in matters concerning religion. Like most Americans, he adhered to the Catholic faith, but daily violated the Covenant, not thinking about sinfulness. The situation changed when his best friend died.

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The death of a loved one is always discouraging, and even the mother of the deceased promised Chip that he will burn in the fiery hyena for his deeds. These unpleasant words were imprinted heavily in Chip’s memory. The upset young man hurried home, where he learned that his wife Leslie was expecting a child.

Being an impressionable man, Chip decided that he would be an excellent example for his child and begin life according to the biblical canons. Armed with the Bible, Catholic things, the support of a spouse and a priest from the nearest church, he decides that henceforth his life is wholly God’s.

Shot from the series

In white clothes, he came to work, surprising his colleagues, but over time the team realized that Chuck is not just about observing the seven commandments, but to capture all the 700 laws that are in the Bible.

Some friends chuckle at him and expect that Chip is about to be disgraced, and they will be able to laugh at him, but our hero is not such a simple person. Let’s see how Curry, who has sinned all his life, will cope with the observance of the laws of the Most High.

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Actors and their roles

  • Chuck Curry – Jay R. Ferguson. Many know him on such pictures as “City of Demons”, “Surface”, “Easy Money”, “Madmen”, “Real O’Neill”. He is happily married and has three children.
  • Leslie Kerry – Lindsay Craft. Her actor’s flair leads only to those series that successfully end. Among them are “Anatomy of Passion”, “Pines”, “Deadly Weapons”, “Nobody”, “The Sopranos”. Soon on television will be the series “Wrong number” with her participation.
  • Rabby Gil – David Krumholtz. He was born into a very poor family. Since 1993 he has been shooting in cinema. Participated in the films “10 reasons for my hatred”, “Worse does not happen”, “The End of the World”.

Interesting Facts

  1. Each episode of the first season was sitting near the TV about 4 million people.
  2. The director of the series was Andy Eckerman, known for such works as “Die your enthusiasm”, “Ideal pairs”, “Whitney”, “In four walls”.
  3. The world premiere of the first season was held on February 28, 2018.
  4. Jay R. Ferguson is one of the nominees for the BAFTA award for participating in this sitcom. At the end of the year it will be known whether the prize will fall into his hands.
  5. The slogan of the series is the phrase “Nobody said it would be easy”. It perfectly describes the events taking place in the series.
  6. Initially, the role of Curry was planned to take a young character, but the idea of ​​putting an adult, family man in this role was liked by the writers and it was decided to look for an older actor.
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Living Biblically season 2 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1closed
2x02Series 2closed
2x03Series 3closed
2x04Series 4closed
2x05Series 5closed
2x06Series 6closed
2x07Series 7closed
2x08Series 8closed
2x09Series 9closed
2x10Series 10closed

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