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Renaldo loves horror – severed heads, guts on the road, horror-style parties, and more. He is very concerned about the thoughts of earning in this way – this is the dream of his life. Having an inexhaustible supply of energy, he is gaining supporters, with whom he begins to develop his stormy activities. But what will come of it is not yet known.

When will the “Los Espookys 2 season” come out?

The sequel to the comedy show “Los Espookys” has already been officially announced. Season 2 was originally slated to premiere in fall 2020, but the coronavirus pandemic has frozen production. As of August 2022, new episodes have been rescheduled to September 16, 2022


Renaldo cannot imagine his life without horror. Even his appearance shouts about belonging to not the most standard people. Colorful appearance, as well as judgments, helps Renaldo to get ahead. Therefore, when it was time to recruit a team, he enthusiastically approached the matter. Having agreed with Ursula, he decides to persuade Andres, who is not too interested in income on horror.

But Renaldo was able to persuade him to leave his business in the production of chocolate and engage in the dissemination of information about their grouping. The first order was the application of the priest, whom the parishioners and the inhabitants of the church had long ceased to love. A younger employee attracted all the attention to himself. And the old priest began to invent a plan for the return of love for his person.

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At this point, Ursula’s sister joined the team. Tati did not shine mind. Dressed in children’s clothes, Tati appeared before the nuns and television cameras in the form of a child in whom the demon had moved. Thanks to Renaldo, Ursula and Andres, the necessary special effects were created, and after the arrival of the priest, the rite of expelling the demon began, where new tricks were needed.

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So love returned to the priest, because in the eyes of the public he saved the poor girl from the presence of a demon! At least the rest think so. Each following task for guys becomes more and more difficult. But they do not lose faith in themselves and with each next task they become more and more united. Work does not become less – is it really waiting for their resounding success?

But here begin problems from the outside, which are able to knock out even such an inveterate joker as Renaldo. Will the guys be able to overcome all the difficulties and build their business empire based on such draws? Or will they break down under the weight of problems and never be able to realize their dream? This will be discussed in more detail in the season 2!

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Actors and their roles

  • Renaldo – Hispanic; he loves to make fun of friends; he is considered a good negotiator; Renaldo dreams of making money on the horrors that he himself writes – Bernardo Velasco.
  • Ursula – Hispanic; Tati’s sister; she works in a team with Renaldo – Cassandra Ciangherotti.
  • Tati – the sister of Ursula; the girl has a strange picture of life; she takes on any kind of work, ranging from a priest mate to finishing shoes for other people; Tati is not afraid of pain, easily takes any risk; She is not afraid even to reincarnate in the girl in whom the devil has moved in – Ana Fabrega.
  • Andres – the only person in the group who is not Latin American; Renaldo’s old friend; engaged in the production of chocolate; the guy threatens the local dentist: if he dares to contradict, Andres will stop putting sugar in his chocolates and the clients will leave the dentist because they will not have caries – Julio Torres.

Interesting Facts

  1. Not yet finished broadcasting the 1st season, HBO channel signed an agreement with the creators of the project to continue it. This decision was made after each subsequent series, the rating only began to increase. After the broadcast of the 6th series on the TV channel there was an official confirmation that the audience will see the season 2 of “Los Espookys”.
  2. Julio Torres and in real life loves to dye her hair. But blue was real torture for him. Julio flatly refused to dye the hair roots, so in the first series you can see how its bright blue color does not reach the roots by 1-3 cm. The directors decided not to dwell on this, because Torres is a colorful character and the audience will not pay attention to the extra dye centimeter of hair.
  3. As a result of voting on the HBO website, Ana Fabrega deserved the status of the most interesting star of the series. Her character Tati has a positive attitude in every situation. She is not embarrassed by the possibility of wearing 5 pairs of shoes a day, or being fired from work, or a mask on her face, which simply burns the skin. Tati looks at everything with optimism, and is a resilient character.
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Los Espookys Season 2: Release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1September 16, 2022
2x02Series 2September 23, 2022
2x03Series 3September 30, 2022
2x04Series 4October 7, 2022
2x05Series 5October 14, 2022
2x06Series 6October 21, 2022

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