Lostorage season 5


The series about the card game “WIXOSS” has long been known to fans of anime. Since 2014 the studio “J.C. Staff is working on the Lostorage project. Already created not only television versions of the series, but also a full-length film, and OVA-episode. At the moment, released six series of the fifth season.

The authors of the manga that underlies the series, LRIG and OKADA Mari, say that the release of the manga is not yet complete. There is every reason to believe that after finishing work on the fourth season, director Yoshida Risako will begin to work on creating the next, fifth season.

When will the “Lostorage season 5” come out?

The release of the season 4 should be completed in June 2018, after which the studio “J.C. Staff ”will immediately begin work on the new season. Perhaps in the spring of 2020, a new series of the season 5 of “Lostorage Conflated WIXOSS” will be released. At the moment, this is not officially confirmed.

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The idea of ​​the Lostorage project

At the heart of all issues is the card game “WIXOSS”, which has gained immense popularity among schoolgirls in Japan. A deck can be bought at any store. If you’re lucky – among the cards will be LRIG with a moving character.

Then the owner of the deck becomes a selector and has the right to take part in the struggle for fulfillment of the cherished desire. Girls-participants are willing to risk many, even their own lives. And the loss threatens to be imprisoned in one of the cards, which will get a new selector.

What to expect from the new Lostorage series?

Over time, Kominato realizes that the participation in the battles raises in her heart a pleasant thrill and joy. This scares the Rook and she starts to avoid fighting.

Yuzuki Kurebayashi after heavy fighting gets the title of the Virgin of Dreams and fulfills his dream. However, it becomes LRIG, enclosed in a card.

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Hitoue Uemura, making friends with Ruk and Yuzuki, decides that her dream has come true, and is ready to abandon further battles. She has the last fight, which decides everything. Having lost, Hitoeh loses memories of the game, and therefore about Ruk with Yuzuki. Now she is doomed to loneliness.wixoss-season-5

Heroes and who voiced them

  • Hand Kominato – studying in high school, does not like making friends. I started playing “WIXOSS” not to fulfill my cherished wish, but for the sake of my grandmother, who was very concerned about the loneliness of Ruk. He voices the heroine of Ai Kakuma.
  • Suzuko Homura is a second-grade student in high school. Recently returned to his native city after a long absence. Dreams of meeting a childhood friend, of which she has retained the warmest memories. The voice of Tinami Hashimoto.
  • Yuzuki Kurebayashi is a classmate and subsequently a friend of Ruk. Because of his impulsiveness, he can make a mistake during a fight. There is a twin brother Kazuki. Seiyu Ayane Sakura.
  • Tinatsu Morikawa – he studies well at school, goes in for sports. A friend of Suzuko’s childhood. It is voiced by Yuka Iguti.
  • Akira Aoi – studying and working as a model. It differs in a selfish character and does not put dreams of other girls-selectors in anything. Seiyu Tinatsu Akasaki.
  • Hanna Mikage – studying at Suzuko School a year younger. Very skilled selector. It is difficult to win in battle. Seiyu Eureka Kubo.
  • Hitoue Uemura – talks little, is shy. This prevents her from making friends, which makes him lose his loneliness. Seiyu Ai Kayano

Lostorage Conflated WIXOSS season 5: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
5x01Series 1spring of 2020
5x02Series 2spring of 2020
5x03Series 3spring of 2020
5x04Series 4spring of 2020
5x05Series 5spring of 2020
5x06Series 6spring of 2020
5x07Series 7spring of 2020
5x08Series 8spring of 2020
5x09Series 9spring of 2020
5x10Series 10spring of 2020

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