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Science fiction, cyberpunk, black humor, horror, fantasy – all this can be seen in every episode of the “Love, Death & Robots” show. Thanks to a non-standard approach to everyday life problems, the producers were able to create something new, going beyond what viewers are used to thinking of an animated TV series.

“Love, Death & Robots ss 3”: release date, announcement

The sequel to the animated TV series “Love, Death & Robots” is officially confirmed and scheduled for May 20, 2022.


A woman participates in the battles of monsters, and does not know what loss is. A monster is connected to her head, which enters the ring, and then it fights with an equally terrible opponent. After another victory, already in her own shelter, her head is pierced through in several places. But this is not the end, because she never loses.

Robots travel across the Earth, on which there are no people. They died out long ago, and now the planet is ownerless. The robots speculate about what destroyed such an intelligent species as a human, and come to the conclusion that pride is to blame. But here, out of nowhere, an ordinary gray cat appears and invites them to follow to one place…

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An Asian prostitute killed a client in a hotel room. Wiping off the blood and looking out the window, into the house opposite, she saw that the same client was wiping off the blood there. Not understanding anything, she runs to her boss Vladimir, but he is too busy, having fun with prostitutes.

Frame from the TV series

Another episode told about farmers protecting their planet from the invasion of monsters from the outside. Breaking through the barrier that encloses the planet, the monsters ate all living things, from livestock to humans. One of the three defenders had to die to save those who constantly mocked him.

The content of each episode is not related to each other and tells about different people, robots, times, and sometimes even eras. At the head of the plot are adult problems: the essence of man, nature, racism, war and its consequences. All this helps to understand the motives of the main characters, but we never know how this or that episode will end.

The cruelty of the human soul is so deep that it gives rise to horrific incidents. The short animated episodes were created with an emphasis on an adult audience that has become difficult to surprise. With each episode, the animation, characters, their goal and methods of achieving it change. But the intrigue persists until the very end, and sometimes the story remains completely undisclosed.

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To make the episodes different from each other, they were created by different studios located in different countries of the world. But there are episodes where real actors participated. For over 10 years, David Fincher has dreamed of a TV series. The author was inspired by Heavy Metal magazine, which has been popular for over 40 years.

Actors and their roles

In addition to voice actors, the animated TV series has featured actors such as:

Topher Grace
Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Gary Cole
Samira Wiley
Nolan North et al.

Maurice LaMarche was invited as the narrator for one of the episodes, who has enjoyed tremendous success in recent years. He has voiced characters in the cartoons “Zootopia”, “Solar Opposites“, “Futurama”, Frozen “and others.

Interesting Facts

  1. On popular aggregator sites, season 2 of the TV series is considered more popular than the first one, and is very different in content. If in season 1 all problems were not deeply touched upon, then season 2 was able to reach the hearts of the audience, leaving its mark there. Therefore, the estimates turned out to be higher.
  2. David Fincher and Tim Miller turned to Netflix only after all other TV channels turned them down, considering the idea of ​​the TV series a failure. Fincher had already collaborated with Netflix when he was a member of the TV projects “Mindhunter” and “House of Cards“, but it is unknown why he did not want to cooperate with the company right away.
  3. Back in 2008, David Fincher decided to shoot stories like this. At the same time, the now legendary Zach Snyder was asked to work for him as a director – legends will be formed about his director’s version of “Justice League“. Already in 2019, Snyder was unable to work with Fincher, as he was engaged in other projects.
  4. The first company to claim the TV series “Love, Death & Robots” was Paramount Pictures. But after several years of shortcomings and constant missed deadlines, it refused to work and canceled the contract. Considering his brainchild as a genius, David Fincher continued to be inspired, looked for supporters and was able to conquer the public.
  5. Before showing the next episode, the viewer sees 3 pictograms: love, death and robots. Then they are replaced by those that tell about the plot, which will be told in this episode – all episodes are marked with such a unique moment.
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Love, Death & Robots Season 3: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
3x01Series 1May 20, 2022
3x02Series 2May 20, 2022
3x03Series 3May 20, 2022
3x04Series 4May 20, 2022
3x05Series 5May 20, 2022
3x06Series 6May 20, 2022
3x07Series 7May 20, 2022
3x08Series 8May 20, 2022
3x09Series 9May 20, 2022

LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS | Inside the Animation: The Witness | Netflix

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