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The promising anthology project “Love, Death & Robots” has been delighting the audience with its individuality for 3 seasons. No screenwriter has ever expressed such a view of the world, which makes the picture one of a kind. Different genres are collected here: from romantic wanderings on a desert planet to the murder of a loved one. Well, the viewer can only not miss the message of the author, who claims that everything rests on love, death and… robots?

“Love, Death & Robots ss 4”: release date, announcement

The continuation of the amazing TV show “Love, Death & Robots” is currently unannounced. Based on previous premieres, it’s safe to assume that Season 4 could release in May 2023.


Each episode is a fiction of the author and a drawing of a team of skilled animators. For example, Season 1 is cyberpunk and follows a woman who wins terrible fights with monsters. She knows neither mercy nor defeat, but one day she has to face betrayal. Will the woman be able to win this time too?

Another animation project was a series about an Asian woman providing dubious services to men. Once she killed another client, and when she wiped herself from blood, she noticed that in the house opposite this man was also washing himself from blood. And while the Asian is trying to run away, the man wants to catch up with her and understand what happened.

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Without the participation of people, an episode passed where automated machines walked around the desert Earth. Humanity has long been gone and there is no one to do the usual things. Against the background of untouched nature and the remnants of what people have built, robots are engaged in a dialogue about what could have influenced the extinction of mankind. But then a stray cat joins them, wanting to accompany them to one place…

Frame from the TV series

There are episodes in which people are filmed and there is no place for animation. Such is the plot dedicated to Candy Montgomery, who killed her friend Betty Gore in the heat of passion. The story is based on real events, but according to the author Alberto Mielgo, it is very different from reality, as it is told in the direction of the TV show.

There are episodes in which people try to resist the robots. For example, about farmers who, at the cost of their own lives, are trying to save the remnants of the earth’s territory from monsters. Or about a woman whose cleaning robot turned into a killer and does not give her a chance to get out of the automated house alive. There are many such stories, and they are all based on love, death and robots.

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For 10 years, David Fincher cherished the idea of ​​​​the release of the picture. In 2019, the first episodes finally appeared that blew up the Internet. Initially, the project was not planned as a long-running one, but the love of the audience every year inspires the creators to continue. In season 3, Fincher finally tried his hand at animation, creating episode 3 with the animation team.

Actors and their roles

  • Candy — the killer of her own friend, who committed the crime in an unconscious state; had an affair with her husband of Betsy and soon the public found out about it — Elizabeth Olsen.
  • Allan — Betsy’s husband; agreed to an affair with Candy, because he felt that he was tired of marriage and endless reproaches from his wife — Jesse Plemons.
  • Pat — Candy’s husband, works with Allan in Silicon Valley — Patrick Fugit.
  • and etc.

Interesting Facts

  1. At the moment, the second season remains the most popular. The season 1 seemed shallow in meaning to critics, which is more than justified by the appearance of the second one.
  2. For 10 years, David Fincher went to film studios and offered to film his ideas regarding the “Love, Death & Robots” project. He heard the refusal more than 20 times and still did not deviate from the thought that soon someone would agree. Netflix agreed to broadcast the film, but at first gave the go-ahead for only one season, after which it signed a new contract for two more seasons.
  3. To work on a TV show, David Fincher asked his friend Zack Snyder (“Zack Snyder’s Justice League“) to help him create the season 3. Currently, Snyder practically lives on work, as he still deeply experiences the suicide of his daughter Autumn, which happened in 2017.
  4. The beginning of each episode is marked with three icons that refer to the title of the TV series. Each episode contains 3 of these components in the plot.
  5. After the successful launch of the episode about the acquitted killer Candy Montgomery with Elizabeth Olsen, filming began on the TV show “Candy“, in which Jessica Biel played the main role of the same Candy Montgomery, and her husband Justin Timberlake played a supporting character.
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Love, Death & Robots Season 4: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
4x01Series 12023
4x02Series 22023
4x03Series 32023
4x04Series 42023
4x05Series 52023
4x06Series 62023
4x07Series 72023
4x08Series 82023
4x09Series 92023

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