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American television series “Lucifer season 4” is based on the same comics. The premiere of the series took place in January 2016, and over the course of two years the show has been delighting fans for three seasons. At the moment only 57 episodes are prepared for the viewer. In 2018 is expected to show the latest series of the third season and the shooting of new exciting series of the 4th, the creation of which is already known.

The first series is due on May 8, 2019.

The plot of the series

Everyone knows that Lucifer is one of the plural names of the Devil living in Hell. And what happens if the chief guardian of order in the underworld suddenly becomes the owner of the most luxurious nightclub anywhere, but in Los Angeles itself? Self-confident in his charm and supernatural abilities, due to circumstances, Lucifer becomes a partner of a detective girl. One can only guess in what incredible situations they have to look for the truth, applying to this the many years of practice of the detective and the mystical abilities of the King of Hell.

Timing of the series – 44 minutes.

Main characters

  • Lucifer Morningstar (actor Tom Ellis) is the demon king who fled from Hell to Los Angeles.
  • Chloe Decker (actress Lauren German) – detective from the slaughter department, investigating the killings with Lucifer.
  • Dan Espinosa (actor Kevin Alejandro) – the former husband of Chloe Decker, detective.
  • Amenadiel (actor DB Woodside) is Lucifer’s brother, an angel.
  • Maize / Meisikin (actress Leslie-Ann Brandt) is an ally of Lucifer.
  • Beatrice “Trixie” Espinosa (actress Scarlett Esteves) – daughter of Chloe and Dan, schoolgirl.
  • Linda Martin (actress Rachel Harris) – psychologist Lucifer, girlfriend Maize.
  • Charlotte Richards (actress Tricia Helfer) is the mother of Lucifer and Amenadiel.
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More on episodes

1 season (13 episodes)

The protagonist Lucifer Morningstar leaves Hell and plunges headlong into a new earthly life. He is a charming middle-aged man, the owner of a prestigious nightclub in Los Angeles. The whole story begins with the fact that when the murder of his new girlfriend – pop star Lucifer decides, whatever it is to find and punish her killers – drug dealers. For this purpose, he asks for help to an experienced detective of the slaughter department of Chloe Decker.

In this season, the main characters who become partners, are investigating a string of intricate murders. Throughout the series, the brother of Lucifer, the angel Amenadiel, is trying with all his might to bring him back to the underworld, but in vain. Lucifer, working on the disclosure of murders, discovers physical pain, and, most importantly, the understanding that he is no longer immortal. In constant attempts to seduce his partner and in endless disagreements with his brother, the murders begin to unfold one after another, revealing a rallied tandem of Lucifer and Detective Decker. The season ends with the fact that the brothers Lucifer and Amenadiel learn about the escape of their mother from Hell.

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2 season (18 episodes)

Murders, as in any large city, continue again and again, day in, day out, and so the work for Lucifer and Detective Decker is endless. Lucifer continues to attend psychological sessions. Unexpectedly, it is found that his mother’s body once belonged to a murdered lawyer. Lucifer takes up this matter, unraveling the tangled threads. Meanwhile, 16 years later, a man who killed the father of Detective Decker, who also once was a policeman, is released from prison. Not having time to go free, he is killed. Lucifer’s mother tries to constantly manipulate the incipient feelings between him and Detective Decker. When investigating another murder associated with the professor, Decker accidentally gets a deadly poison. The professor dies, taking with him the secret of the antidote. Lucifer faces a difficult decision: to find a remedy against the action of poison, he must go down to Hell to the professor. The season ends with the fact that Lucifer’s mother suddenly becomes a man’s killer.

3 season (26 episodes)

The season begins with the fact that Lucifer discovers himself in the middle of the desert with his wings, which he once shaved. Not understanding anything in what is happening, he goes for help to his girlfriend – Detective Decker. The emergence of new protagonists confuses Lucifer’s relationship with Decker even more. In the investigation of another murder in business, Lucifer’s mother appears again. For all, it is unexpected that she is now the chief prosecutor of the department. At the same time, understanding that the body rejects the divine essence, the mother wants to become better. What of all this will turn out – we will see from the next series of the third season, which are released from the end of January 2018.

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Interesting Facts

  1. After the release of the first season, the audience divided into 2 camps: some approvingly demanded continuation, while others protested against showing the show on television, exposing its creators in the propaganda of the Devil’s personality. Despite this, season 2 was still filmed and shown to the viewer.
  2. Actors Tom Ellis (Lucifer) and Lauren German (Chloe Decker) were born with a difference of only 12 days. They both celebrate their birthdays in November 1978.
  3. On the role of Dan first was approved by another actor – Nicholas Gonzalez, and the role of Maize first played actress Lina Esko. But after the pilot version of the series, the actors were changed to others.
  4. Rachel Harris (in the role of Linda) and DB Wellside (in the role of Amenadiel) previously had experience working together in the series “Force Majeure” (2-4 seasons).

Lucifer season 4 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
4x01Series 1May 8, 2019
4x02Series 2May 15, 2019
4x03Series 3May 22, 2019
4x04Series 4May 29, 2019
4x05Series 5June 5, 2019
4x06Series 6June 12, 2019
4x07Series 7June 19, 2019
4x08Series 8June 26, 2019
4x09Series 9July 3, 2019
4x10Series 10July 10, 2019

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