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Assane Diop has been living in France for a long time. As a young boy, he moved here from Sinegal in search of a peaceful existence. Having got a job with the influential businessman Hubert Pellegrini, his father was soon accused of stealing an expensive necklace. Unable to prove his case, the father hanged himself from shame right on the window of the prison cell. And the son decided to take revenge…

“Lupin ss 2”: release date, announcement

The show received 95% approval from Rotten Tomatoes and was ranked in the Top 10 TV Shows from Netflix in the US, France, South America, Germany and many other countries. Is it possible to close a project after such a success?
The exact release date of the continuation of the TV show “Lupin” is still unknown. But official information appeared on the network that the shooting of the part 3 of the picture began in November 2021. So, before the end of 2022, the premiere of new episodes should not be expected. We continue to follow the news.

Recall that season 1 was shown in two parts: the first 5 episodes aired in January 2021, the second 5 episodes – in June 2021. It is known that season 2 will also be split into 2 parts.


Assane Diop grew up as a calm child. He loved his father very much and always tried to obey him. The parent had many qualities that he could share with his son. After moving to France, the man began working as a chauffeur in the Pelegrini house, and often looked at the huge library. Once he even took a book with the permission of the mistress of the house, and after a while a necklace disappeared in this room.

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Hubert did not seek the truth, blaming the black Mr. Diop for everything. Having come to his father on a date in prison, Assan did not even have time to talk to him. Out of grief and shame, the father decided to hang himself, leaving the boy an orphan. Only Mrs. Pellegrini came to the funeral, whom Assane had sent to hell, not wanting to have anything to do with this family.

Years passed, inspired by the book about the thief Lupin, which his father gave, Assane decides to build his destiny on the same principle. Remaining a gentleman in the eyes of others, he commits crimes and is not shy about any methods. He is not afraid of any blackmail or threats, since he owns these skills to perfection.

Frame from the TV show

Assane now has his own family, which he does not live with. He has excellent relations with his son and his mother, while the main character tries to fulfill his fatherly duty by helping the woman financially. However, Assane had one thought for many years. While still a boy, he vowed to take revenge on Hubert for unreasonably exposing his father to harm. It remains only to figure out how to do it.

Once such a case presented itself. A necklace was found in an black market and returned to the Pellegrini family. It is now in the Louvre and is being sold by his daughter of Hubert. Determined to rob the museum, Assane comes up with a plan and puts it into action. But the consequences are not long in coming, because police detective Youssef Guedira guessed from the very beginning that the robbery took place according to the book by Maurice Leblanc…

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Actors and their roles

  • Assane Diop – African American, his father was imprisoned for stealing a necklace he has never seen; having gone through a difficult childhood, the guy set out to take revenge on the man who set up his father; loves his son and tries to maintain good relations with him at a distance; Assane – Professional Fraudster – Omar Sy.
  • Youssef Guedira – a police officer with many books by Maurice Leblanc about Lupin’s adventures on his desktop; immediately guessed who and how could get the real necklace, but the captain did not want to listen to the detective’s guesses, which led to a long investigation of the crime, but still a positive result – Soufiane Guerrab.
  • Claire – Assane’s beloved; the couple has a child who lives with the mother; Claire is positive, treats Assane with kindness and does not miss the opportunity to joke with him; knows what he does, but tries not to meddle in his affairs – Ludivine Sagnier.
  • Anne Pellegrini – wife of Hubert; could prevent crime if she sided with Mr. Diop when her husband accused him of stealing; chose to remain silent, thereby doomed herself to the wrath of Assane – Nicole Garcia.
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Interesting Facts

  1. When Season 1 of the TV series came out, Netflix took stock of which made “Lupin” and “Bridgerton” the most watched shows.
  2. For France, the TV show “Lupin” was a breakthrough, because it was watched by a huge number of viewers of the planet, and Europe recognized the project as the best novelty of January 2021.
  3. Omar Sy became popular all over the world after the release of the full-length film “The Intouchables”, in which he played a man with a terrible reputation who got a job as a guardian in the house of a wealthy disabled person. He dismissed the assurances of the servants about the unsuitability of the character Omar Sy for such a job. Only time helped them to realize the importance of this friendship.
  4. The show has been under development for a long time. 4 years before the release of the premiere episode, Omar Sy had already been approved for his role, but then the project was frozen because it did not receive funding. It was only with the money allocated from Netflix that the process was started.

Lupin Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1October 5, 2023
2x02Series 2October 5, 2023
2x03Series 3October 5, 2023
2x04Series 4October 5, 2023
2x05Series 5October 5, 2023
2x06Series 6October 5, 2023
2x07Series 7October 5, 2023

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