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After the release of part 1 of the French TV series “Lupin”, the whole world fell in love with the protagonist Assane Diop, and most people discovered such a character as Arsène Lupin. The author of the bold and resourceful “gentleman thief” is the French writer Maurice Leblanc, who presented readers with 28 books about Arsène Lupin. With books, everything is very clear, but what do we know about TV show?

“Lupin ss 2”: release date, announcement

Season 1 of the TV show “Lupin” was divided into 2 parts, each containing 5 episodes. Already after the first part was shown in January 2021, the creators of the picture saw a huge interest of the audience in the TV series. The second part, which premiered in June 2021, confirmed the success of the project. It was decided not to stop, and already in November of the same year, the producers officially announced the start of filming of the 3rd part (which refers to season 2)!
There is no information about the filming of the season 3. But the high ratings of the released episodes guarantee the return of the main characters to our screens. It can be assumed that the premiere of season 3 is unlikely to take place before the end of 2023. We are waiting for official announcements.


Assane Diop will carry the warmest memories of his father throughout his life. The noble Babakar Diop adored his son and was ready for anything for him. Of course, except for the crime and other illegal actions. Moving from Senegal with his teenage son, taking a job as a driver for the influential and very wealthy gentleman Hubert Pellegrini, immigrant life went on as usual until the day when Babakar was accused of stealing Pellegrini’s wife’s necklace.

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As a 14 year old, Assane couldn’t do anything. In front of his eyes, his father was taken away by the police, after which he never saw his beloved only parent. On the day when the boy came to the prison to visit his father, Assane found out that he had hanged himself. What could a teenager who infinitely loved his father and believed him think?

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Frame from the TV show

25 years have passed. In the news, the same necklace, once “stolen” by Babakar, is put up for auction. Assane understands everything and starts his game. Growing up on books about Arsène Lupin, he became his copy. Now Assane has his own plan of action: from the unprincipled theft of Pellegrini’s jewel directly from the Louvre auction to the exposure of the owner of this necklace. Carefully considering each step, introducing himself as a name derived from “Arsène Lupin”, Assane takes action.

But is the son of an immigrant from Senegal able to get to such an influential magnate as Hubert Pellegrini? Will Assane be able to find allies again or will they all meet the same fate that overtook the journalist Fabienne Bériot? Despite the danger and difficulty of achieving the goal, the main character has at stake the honor of his father, who died because of the mercenary and miserable actions of the rich man…

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Main characters

  • Assane Diop — at the age of 14 he lost his father and was left completely alone; he studied at a prestigious college, because the boy was helped with money by an unknown virtue, which turned out to be Pellegrini’s wife; there he met Benjamin Ferel, who became his best and only friend for all the years, and he met Claire, years later she gave birth to a son from him — Omar Sy.
  • Hubert Pellegrini — Assane’s main target; a rich man who once framed his driver, accusing him of stealing a jewel to get insurance; involved in dirty deeds, able to give an order to eliminate someone for the good of his cause; adores his only daughter, whom he introduced into his business — Hervé Pierre.
  • Claire — Assane’s beloved woman, although they do not live together; brings up their common son; constantly reminds Assane that she is his best friend, takes care of him and never interferes with communication with their son; meets with men, from which Assane is very jealous of her — Ludivine Sagnier.
  • Fabienne Bériot — a strong and courageous journalist; decided to expose Hubert Pellegrini himself, but he won this fight, and she was fired and not a single edition hired her; she went into herself for many years before the appearance of Assane in her life; decided to help him, but was killed on the orders of Pellegrini — Anne Benoît.

Interesting Facts

  1. The story of gentleman thief Arsène Lupin was first published back in 1905 in the magazine “Je sais tout” (a book called “Arsène Lupin, Gentleman Burglar”). The last book was published in 1941 and was called “The Billions of Arsène Lupin”. An interesting fact is that years later, in 2011, the granddaughter of the popular and loved by millions writer Maurice Leblanc found her grandfather’s unfinished novel “The Last Love of Arsène Lupin”, which was also made public. It happened a year later, in 2012.
  2. It seems that the management of Netflix has a flair for projects that will be as popular as possible. TV series “Lupin” was no exception, because within just a month of showing the first 5 episodes, they were watched by more than 70 million viewers. With these figures, “Lupin” has become the leader among the most popular foreign TV series shown on Netflix. The second 5 episodes have already been watched by about 55 million viewers, which is also an excellent indicator.
  3. Actor Omar Sy really has Senegalese roots, since his father is from Senegal. In addition to Omar, there were 7 more brothers and sisters in the family. In 2011, the film “The Intouchables” was released with Omar in the title role, and Francois Cluzet acted as his partner. It was this picture that made Sy popular, and his talent was revealed so much that directors and other movie experts noticed it. For his performance in the film, Omar Sy received the César Award for Best Actor.
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Lupin Season 3: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
3x01Series 12023
3x02Series 22023
3x03Series 32023
3x04Series 42023
3x05Series 52023

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