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“Madagascar 5” is the continuation of a full-length animated movie. This cartoon about the adventures of amusing residents of the Central Zoo has long been loved by viewers around the world. It is difficult to imagine a person who did not look at least one part of this picture.
We can only guess what the bosses of DreamWorks Animation and the creators of the favorite story of all children and adults will enjoy this time.

When will be released “Madagascar 5”

Previously, the gap between the parts of the cartoon was no more than four years, but between the third and fourth was almost six. One can only guess about the release of the part 5 of “Madagascar”. As of December 2021, there is no information on the creation of a sequel to the computer-animated comedy film “Madagascar”.

The plot of the cartoon

The first part was premiered in 2005. The audience got acquainted with the lions, zebra, giraffe and hippopotamus living in the Central Zoo of New York. madagascar-part-5Heroes, along with penguins and two chimpanzees, escaped from the zoo. During the crossing on the ship, the boxes with the protagonists fell overboard and nailed to the shores of the exotic island of Madagascar. The adventures of animals in an unaccustomed habitat have forever captivated the audience.

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In the second episode of “Madagascar” – “Madagascar: Escape to Africa” ​​- the characters, along with new friends: King Julian, Maurice and Mort decided to escape from the island, which fell in the first part. But the plane ran out of fuel and the animals were in Africa. There Alex met his parents, with whom he was separated in his early childhood. Favorite heroes decided to stay in Africa, where they were waiting for new acquaintances and adventures.

The third part of “Madagascar: Especially Wanted in Europe” told about the adventures of beloved animals, who joined the roaming circus.

madagaskar-5-partIt should be noted that there are other animated films with favorite heroes. For example, the cartoon “Penguins from Madagascar” is very popular.

In the hope of returning to New York, the heroes fell under the scrutiny of veterinary control. Trying to hide, the animals met the train with a circus circulating in Europe. The main characters called on the circus artists to remember their best performances and again find success and popularity. And soon they themselves began to perform under the dome. Having defeated the main huntress of veterinary control, the animals decided to stay with their new companions to continue to travel the world and build a career in the circus.

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The premiere of the fourth episode of the cartoon will take place this spring, namely May 17, 2018. The trilogy “Madagascar” has become one of the most successful in the history of “DreamWorks Animation”, world box office gross exceeded three billion dollars. For four years, the creators did not proceed to create this part because of working on other, equally important projects. In the autumn of 2016, the management of the film studio officially announced the receipt of the post-production status by the fourth episode.

What to expect from “Madagascar 5” if the sequel takes place?

Fantasy of authors is boundless and even difficult to imagine, than they will please us this time. One thing is for sure – the picture will be filled with sparkling humor, bright colors, unforgettable adventures and troubles of beloved animals. The main characters are always ready for new acquaintances, dangers and victories, because they are real friends.

The cartoon will certainly be enjoyed not only by children, but also by adults. He does not need advertising and will be the undisputed favorite both for going to the cinema, and for home viewing with family or friends.

The main characters and voice

  • Alex is a lion, the main character of the franchise. In the original was voiced by Ben Stiller (child – Declan Swift).
  • Marty is a zebra, because of which the whole story began. In the original he spoke with the voice of Chris Rock.
  • Melman – giraffe, voiced by David Schwimmer. In Russia.
  • Gloria – the hippopotamus, which was voiced by Jada Pinkett-Smitt.
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Minor characters:

  • King Julian
  • Skipper
  • Kowalski
  • Rico
  • Maurice
  • Mort
  • Mason
  • Phil

Interesting facts about the cartoon “Madagascar”

  1. In Madagascar, this cartoon was forbidden for a while. This was explained by the fact that the “self-proclaimed king of lemurs” Julian is endowed with a whole series of similarities with statesmen in power on the island.
  2. Hippo Gloria could be voiced by such popular singers as Madonna, Jennifer Lopez and Gwen Stefani. They, among other artists, were considered by the team of creators.
  3. Initially, the writers assumed that the animals would get out of the zoo thanks to activists-zoozaschitnikam, which were supposed to be the main characters.
  4. Initially, it was supposed to give the cartoon name “Wild Life”.
  5. The history of penguins is richer than that of the main four. Since the penguins appeared in the story by accident, these characters were invented long before this cartoon and were supposed to become the protagonists of a completely different project.
  6. In fact, there is not one of the main four of the cartoon in the Central Zoo of New York, but there are penguins.

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