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The history of the popularity of the anime “Magi’s Grandson” (or “The Sage’s Grandson”) began with an online publication on one of the Japanese sites. The adventures of the young magician Shin and his friends immediately gained a crowd of fans. Therefore, it was decided not to stop and release the eponymous anime. What awaits the 15-year-old boy with extraordinary thinking and the most powerful magic powers?..

The premiere of the season 1 took place on April 10, 2019.

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When will the anime “Magi’s Grandson Season 2” be released?

At the moment, one thing is known – the story of Shin Wolford is gaining momentum. And why stop if there is demand? The director of the series Masafumi Tamura does not yet give information on when the sequel of the anime “Magi’s Grandson” will be released. And will it come out at all. But loyal fans are waiting for new episodes to be released.
Unfortunately, as of November 2021, there is still no official information on the production of new episodes.


The story begins with a young guy dying one day…

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After death, the deceased is reincarnated into an infant who falls into another world. The wounded boy was surrounded by demons, but thanks to Merlin the life of the youth was safe. The Mage took the found to himself, healed his wounds and started raising him as his own grandson, calling him Shin. Merlin and Melinda gave the boy their love and care, and brought him a real warrior.

The boy remembered some moments from his previous life, so he was more developed than his peers. Shin understood a lot and took lessons with pleasure. He quickly realized that this world was completely different, so he was eager to learn about everything at once.

Anime main characters

But despite all the magical skills acquired by the Mage, Shin was ignorant and reckless, causing others to be wary of the boy. The boy grew up, strengthened his magical abilities, and in 15 years his life completely changes. Shin goes to the capital of Earlshide Kingdom in order to study at the Advance Magic Academy. There he is waiting for friendship, love and the first serious confrontation with the enemies…

Anime main characters

  • Shin Wolford – once a young boy dies, but reincarnates into a baby that Merlin finds; having invested all his magical powers in his grandson, the elder was able to develop the necessary skills in him; throughout his new life, Shin has some memories from the past; thanks to his mentors Merlin and Melinda, whom he considered to be his grandfather and grandmother, he developed a unique way of thinking and gained knowledge on the use of magical abilities; went to the Advance Magic Academy, where he met his new friends and lover.
  • Merlin Wolford – a great magician; once found a baby attacked by demons, took the boy to the family and raised him as his own grandson; developed magical abilities of Shia; Merlin was very worried that his grandson would be used as a participant in political wars; the old man easily falls into depression, especially in those moments when he is ignored or not taken seriously; in the distant past he was considered a brave and tough warrior against the demons, who solved all questions with the help of the battle, not perceiving the negotiations.
  • Melinda Bowen – raised Shin as her own grandson, didn’t share some of the boy’s upbringing methods with Merlin; in the distant past, Melinda helped Merlin destroy the worst enemy, since they have been together; no one knows the reason for Melinda and Merlin’s divorce; one of the first to notice magical abilities in Shin and unusual thinking that helped make a great warrior out of a boy.
  • Sicily von Claude – Shin’s girlfriend, with whom he then falls in love; despite her sexual forms and beauty, she is shy and timid; after Sicily began dating Shin, she became jealous of other girls, while she sometimes loses her temper, falling into all sorts of ridiculous situations; Sicily is unsurpassed in healing magic, which made her a skilled healer.
  • Maria von Messina – Shin’s friend, Sisily’s best friend; for the sake of her friends, she is ready to do much; the girl has a hard character, with sometimes manipulating people; Maria made efforts to ensure that Sisily and Shin were together, while the girl herself does not have a boyfriend and feels lonely.
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Interesting Facts

  1. The anime series was directed by Masafumi Tamura, who worked on such TV series as “Seikoku no Dragonar”, “Akame ga Kill!”, “Twocar”.
  2. The writer of the anime “Magi’s Grandson” became Tatsuya Takahashi, a Japanese master who is popular in Japan. Takahashi released such works as “Kôkaku no Pandora”, “Netoge no yome wa onnanoko ja nai to omotta?”, “Domestic na Kanojo” and many others.
  3. Initially, the adventures of the young magician Shin were presented on the Japanese site in the form of a web novel. Then, from July 2015 until the end of 2018, the light novel began to appear in the Enterbrain edition.
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Magi's Grandson Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1not announced
2x02Series 2not announced
2x03Series 3not announced
2x04Series 4not announced
2x05Series 5not announced
2x06Series 6not announced
2x07Series 7not announced
2x08Series 8not announced
2x09Series 9not announced
2x10Series 10not announced

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