Maniac season 2


The young man of Espen lives a double life. At times he becomes the hero of the planet, the champion for any of the existing sports, the thief of the hearts of the most beautiful women. His life is rich and beautiful, but sometimes he wakes up in his hospital ward. Since the device of a fictional universe attracts him much more, the maximum amount of time he spends there, sometimes breaking away into the real world. Who will help the unhappy guy to get motivation to defeat the illusion?

When will start the series Maniac season 2?

Released Maniac season 2 is not exactly indicated anywhere, since the profitability of the first season has not yet been collected, which will talk about the future of the series. Given that there are still a lot of unresolved issues between the doctor and the patient, we can assume that the next season should put everything in its place.

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Espen has been living in the hospital for several years already, he is so in love with the imaginary world that when he gets back to the hospital bed, he stops talking to others. maniac-season-2ndIt is difficult for physicians to continue treatment for such a harmful patient. Hours of pastime in paradise are greatly reduced when a girl comes to work in a psychiatric hospital.

She is absolutely sure of his complete cure and does everything possible to prove to herself and others that Espen can still be saved. The guy resists, but how long can he defend his defense?

The first season ended, leaving a lot of questions. Will the guy return to normal life? Can the doctor break through the defense of the patient? Is there a common future between them? The answers to the riddles are waiting for the viewer in the second season.

The film was directed by Carey Fukunaga, winner of the Venice Film Festival, Goya and Sanders. The name alone influenced the rating of watching the television series. The audience knows him on the full-length film “Jane Air”, shot on the story of the same name.

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Actors and their roles

  • Emma Stone played the doctor Espen. Previously, she was involved in feature films, for which she has the Oscar and BAFTA awards. The most large-scale works include “Superpertsy”, “Berdman”, “La La Land.” Is the highest paid actress in 2017 by the magazine Forbes.
  • John Hill is not inferior to his colleague in the number of films in his file cabinet. He was twice nominated for an Oscar for the motion picture The Wolf from Wall Street and The Man Who Changed Everything. Participated in the shooting of “Superperts” together with Emma Stone.


Interesting Facts

  1. The series “Maniac” – this is the Norwegian sitcom, 2014 release, received a second life in American cinema. Norway did not dare to shoot next season, but the American creators decided to breathe new prospects into an excellent scenario.
  2. In the fight against the contenders for the main role, John dropped 50 kilograms, which significantly increased his chances of winning. The thing is that when Espen comes into the imaginary world, he considers himself handsome and athlete, while in ordinary life the doctors of the clinic see him as a small fat little peasant.
    Black comedy was created for the Netflix platform.
  3. In addition to acting in this film, Hill and Stone are the executive producers of the film.
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Maniac season 2 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1unknown yet
2x02Series 2unknown yet
2x03Series 3unknown yet
2x04Series 4unknown yet
2x05Series 5unknown yet
2x06Series 6unknown yet
2x07Series 7unknown yet
2x08Series 8unknown yet
2x09Series 9unknown yet
2x10Series 10unknown yet

Trailer series

Not yet released, here’s the TOP-10 comedy series:

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