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Getting ready to fly, Michaela, her brother Ben and other passengers could not think that something like this could happen to them. After spending the prescribed time in flight, they landed in the correct place. But after 5 years. And if for the people on board several hours passed, then for their loved ones time went on as usual…

“Manifest ss 4”: release date, announcement

The continuation of the supernatural drama “Manifest” is officially announced: the premiere of new episodes will take place on August 28, 2022. Unfortunately, the creators of the TV show stressed that the viewer will see the final season.


Michaela is on the verge of an important decision – Jared, her fiancé, proposed marriage to her, but the girl hesitated for a long time. At the last moment, when the plane from Jamaica was in the air, the girl decided to answer “yes” to her lover. But due to the lack of communication, the message was not sent. After landing, Michaela was surprised by the crowd of people and security services at the airport.

Her brother Ben also flew this flight, with his son. The boy had cancer, but there was no treatment that could help him. The grief-stricken father was looking for any options, even experimental treatment – Ben is ready to do anything for the health of his boy. His wife Grace and her twin daughter remained on Earth. As they landed, Ben and the boy had new opportunities.

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The special services that met the passengers said that more than 5 years had passed since their departure from Jamaica. The people were quarantined, but soon some were allowed to return to their homes. Upon arrival, Michaela learns that Jared has been married to her best friend for a long time. This becomes a stumbling block in the relationship of girls.

Frame from the TV show

Ben returns to his wife and daughter, who are 5 years older. The daughter no longer looks like her brother’s twin, since she has matured very much. Grace is incredibly happy about the return of her close relatives, whom she buried long ago in her heart. She will have to tell Ben that she recently met a man with whom she wanted to build a new family.

Another piece of news for Ben is an innovative treatment offered by a girl who, by sheer coincidence, was aboard the same plane. Saanvi manages to send an innovative discovery at the last moment via a laptop to an office studying cancer. After learning that she has succeeded in giving impetus to further research, she invites Ben’s son to participate in the program.

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Soon the situation was forgotten, but passengers began to hear voices that warned them about something, sometimes helping to make the world a better place. And while some people thought that messengers from God appeared on Earth, others dream of exterminating everyone who was on that unfortunate board. But the lives of every member of the mysterious crew came under great threat…

Actors and their roles

  • Michaela – a police officer where she worked with her boyfriend; cannot survive double betrayal; goes to a psychotherapist to cope with her fears and worries; hears a voice in his head and acts without hesitation – Melissa Roxburgh.
  • Ben – married, raised twin children, one of whom had cancer; Ben got on board the plane, which stayed in the air for 5 years, while the passengers did not notice that so much time had passed; after landing, he found out that his wife was building a relationship with another man – Josh Dallas.
  • Grace – Ben’s beloved wife, who mourned her husband and son for a long time; not so long ago she started dating a man, after which she found out about the plane landing with Ben and her son on board; she was afraid to confess to her husband and now does not know with whom she wants to continue to build relationships – Athena Karkanis.
  • Jared Vasquez – Michaela’s ex-boyfriend, who proposed to her before the plane took off, eventually lost his beloved and married her friend, and when he found out that Michaela was alive, he decided to restore friendly relations with her, which was no longer possible; just because they are colleagues, the girl decided not to show that she still holds a grudge – J. R. Ramirez.
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Interesting Facts

  1. Melissa Roxburgh injured two fingers of her right hand when she fell after an explosion on the set of Season 3 of the TV series “Manifest”. There was no way to stop the filming process. The girl had to put makeup on her hand, as her fingers had acquired a bluish tint that could be seen on the screen.
  2. Athena Karkanis prefers not to be filmed anywhere else, and “Manifest” is her last work. The woman focuses on family relationships and does not take on more than one project.
  3. The executive producer of the project is Robert Zemeckis, known for his participation in the cult projects “Back to the Future” (all 3 parts), “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” and “Forrest Gump” – each work has received dozens of honorary film awards and is still viewed with pleasure by the audience…

Manifest Season 4: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
4x01Series 1August 28, 2022
4x02Series 2September 4, 2022
4x03Series 3September 11, 2022
4x04Series 4September 18, 2022
4x05Series 5September 25, 2022
4x06Series 6October 2, 2022
4x07Series 7October 9, 2022
4x08Series 8October 16, 2022
4x09Series 9October 23, 2022
4x10Series 10October 30, 2022

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