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Without false modesty, we say that the animated series “Masha and the Bear” is the most popular animated project in the world! And this is a proven fact. About 90 people work on its creation, including 5 directors who work independently of each other. This allows them to release one episode in one to one and a half months. Moreover, the creation of one episode takes 6-8 months. The process is long and painstaking, and the result is incredible and so long-awaited…

Genre – comedy, adventure.

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“Masha and the Bear ss 5”: release date, announcement

There is no talk about closing the project. Therefore, viewers of the planet should not worry about the fact that the story of Masha and the Bear has exhausted itself.

During the season 4 show, project management officially announced that season 5 of “Masha and the Bear” will start on July 30, 2020. According to some reports, this will be September. It is also known that the new season will consist of 26 episodes with a duration of 7 minutes each.

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And it all started with the fact that one day the girl Masha, lost in the forest, finds a lonely house in which the Bear lives. Masha, with her characteristic liveliness, mischief and stubbornness, begins to turn the boring and too calm everyday life of an intelligent Bear into unbearably fun and difficult days. Yes, friendship is different! And if Masha is happy with a new acquaintance, then the bear simply lost peace.

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Every day, Masha manages to get into various troubles. Moreover, it causes harm not only to herself, but also to those who surround her. A girl is able to smash down a bear’s house in a couple of moments, break a fence, chop dishes, blow up, tear and lose something… But the Bear has nothing to do but keep his eyes peeled. Now he considers himself responsible for the safety and upbringing of a new little friend.

Frame from the TV series

Even the local pair of wild Wolves did not expect that the girl would not be afraid of them. Quite the contrary – now the wolves are afraid of Masha! After all, her ideas are so unpredictable and sometimes dangerous that the animals simply do not want to mess with her, preferring to tighten their tails and run away. But Masha is not a tormentor, just her kindness is a little obsessive and non-standard.

Now the life of forest animals will not be the same. After all, Masha appeared in their life. The girl is growing, her hobbies are changing, but her friends remain the same. But over time, it’s Masha who has to rescue the Bear and other forest inhabitants. There are even more fun days ahead – the girl begins to travel and find new friends. And in order not to be bored on the road, she always sings…

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Main characters

  • Masha – a curious, stubborn and very cheerful girl; once wandered into the house of the Bear, where she made a mess; through her fault, the Bear finds himself in ridiculous situations; not afraid of wolves or other wild animals; the girl is able to get them crazy, while she is kind and caring, she loves sweets and various games.
  • Bear – a calm and balanced character; circus artist in the past; he takes care of a little girl; the bear is engaged in her upbringing, while much allows her; a wonderful host, beekeeper, gardener, etc., loves fishing; appreciates peace and quiet, but Masha constantly violates them.
  • Wolves – inhabitants of the forest, their home is an old ambulance, which constantly breaks down at a completely unnecessary moment; too lazy to get food, so hungry all the time.
  • She-Bear – an intelligent, kind and very cute neighbor of the Bear; she is his object of love and adoration; She-Bear also shows tender feelings and care towards the Bear.

Interesting Facts

  1. Episode 1 premiered on January 7, 2009. It was featured in the Russian New Year TV show, “Good Night, Kids!”.
  2. Animated TV series “Masha and the Bear” has 2 spin-offs: the series “Masha’s Tales”, which started in 2011, and “Masha’s Spooky Stories”, released in 2014.
  3. Attentive viewers guessed about the place of residence of the Bear. So, in one of the erisods, the protagonist receives a letter on which a real address with a postcode 625537 was registered. It belongs to the Russian Chikcha village in the Tyumen region of the Tyumen Oblast.
  4. The author of the story of adventure friendship Masha and the Bear is the animator Oleg Kuzovkov. An idea arose in his head while relaxing by the sea. There he watched a little but very nimble girl who created complete chaos around her. Also, the creation of characters was influenced by the fairy tale “Masha and the Bear”, popular and beloved by the Russian people, and, of course, the famous animated series “Tom and Jerry”.
  5. The first pilot episode of cartoon “Masha and the Bear” was in production for a long 8 months, while the character’s image was created in just a couple of hours.
  6. Alina Kukushkina, who is the first voice of Masha, became a popular voice actress thanks to her laugh. But when voicing the project, it was not always possible to laugh “when necessary”. To do this, the director and his team had to laugh and tickle Alina.
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Masha and the Bear Season 5: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
5x01Series 1July 30, 2020
5x02Series 2July 31, 2020
5x03Series 3August 1, 2020
5x04Series 4August 2, 2020
5x05Series 5August 3, 2020
5x06Series 6August 4, 2020
5x07Series 7August 5, 2020
5x08Series 8August 6, 2020
5x09Series 9August 7, 2020
5x10Series 10August 8, 2020

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