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After watching at least one series of Russian animated TV series “Masha and the Bear”, you unwittingly become his fan. And it doesn’t matter how old you are – 5 or 35. This project has no age restrictions. There is only a desire to watch new adventures and stories into which the main characters plunge. Let’s talk about continuing our favorite show. Will there be a new season?

“Masha and the Bear ss 6”: release date, announcement

The first episode of the most popular cartoon “Masha and the Bear” was released in 2009. According to the creators of the project, it was a difficult path to recognition and popularity. Now almost every child on the planet knows who Masha and the Bear are. Did the director Oleg Kuzovkov stop on the success achieved?

In his interviews, Oleg Kuzovkov admits that his team was not tired of the girl’s adventures. Moreover, the children of the creators of the series are also waiting for new stories. By the way, it is their children who most often become the first viewers and the main critics of the episodes, which are then finalized and adjusted. Given the fact that the season, consisting of the usual 26 episodes, goes out for about 3.5 years, it is not worth waiting for the season 6 before the start of 2024.


Where Masha is, there is always cheerful laughter and chaos. For a long time already all forest animals got used to the idea that they have such a mischievous friend. The most difficult thing was for the Bear, because it was he who tried to keep safe and sound not only his own house, but also the life of the girl herself. After all, any of her pranks could turn into a real tragedy.

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For many years, the Bear was a circus artist. Now he is on a well-deserved rest. And the cups and awards on the shelves remind of labor, but cheerful circus everyday life. The intelligent and calm bear loved cleanliness and order in everything: in the house, in the garden, in the forest … He loved fishing, raised bees and tried to care for a neighbor – the beautiful She-Bear. But then a small and very nimble girl Masha appeared in his life…

Frame from the TV series

Masha managed to find entertainment from scratch. Her childish immediacy led to the fact that the bear always had trouble. Once, Masha almost deprived the animals of New Year’s gifts, because she almost killed Santa Claus. Then Masha made so much porridge that she fed all the animals to the full. And then she decided to cure all the animals, even if they did not complain about anything…

It’s only the beginning! After all, a girl is an inexhaustible source of ideas and problems. Maybe everything will change when Masha grows up? Will there be peace in the forest?

Main characters

  • Masha – a cheerful and mischievous girl with huge green eyes; made friends with the Bear and other forest inhabitants; constantly gets into dangerous and funny situations from which the Bear pulls her out; Masha is a very kind and attentive girl, she is ready to feed and cure everyone, but most often the animals run away and hide from her assertive character; Masha loves a tasty meal, especially sweet; her songs charge a good mood, and games can lead to a complete defeat of the house.
  • Bear – until Masha appeared in his life, he was a calm inhabitant of the forest, was friends with other animals, raised bees, harvested, and caught fish; with the advent of Masha, his life became eventful; now his task is to monitor the girl, because any of her pranks can end very badly.
  • Wolves – a pair of eternally hungry wolves; they are afraid of Masha at the instinct level, but the girl manages to get to them with “good thoughts” from which the wolves suffer each time; all evil actions of the Wolves are suppressed by a smart and honest Bear.
  • She-Bear – Bear’s girlfriend; lives in the forest next door; intelligent, beautiful and kind, responds to her friend’s attention signs.
  • The Black Bear – She-Bear’s admirer and Bear’s eternal rival; strong and brave beast.
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Interesting Facts

  1. Alina Kukushkina was Masha’s unchanging voice for the first two seasons. Then in her place came Varvara Sarantseva, who easily joined the project team. At the same time, Alina did not leave her favorite team – she became a cartoon sound engineer. From season 4, Masha is voiced by Anastasia Radik. Girls grow, voice changes – this is the main reason for the change of voice actresses.
  2. The coronavirus pandemic did not bypass the animated series. In April 2020, in the midst of quarantine, the director released additional episodes telling about what to do at home during the period of self-isolation, as well as about the rules of hygiene, etc.
  3. “Recipe For Disaster” was the most watched episode, which at the beginning of 2020 was watched 4.2 billion times! This allowed the series to be included in the Guinness Book of Records.
  4. On January 25, 2020, the first animated television series “Masha and the Bear” was shown in China. “Enter” this country is very difficult, because every TV project gets admission to the show at the government level. The Chinese viewer gave a very high rating to the cartoon – 9.6 points out of 10.
  5. In some countries of the world, the character of Masha is so popular that parents began to call them newborn girls by her name.
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Masha and the Bear Season 6: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
6x01Series 1beginning of 2024
6x02Series 2beginning of 2024
6x03Series 3beginning of 2024
6x04Series 4beginning of 2024
6x05Series 5beginning of 2024
6x06Series 6beginning of 2024
6x07Series 7beginning of 2024
6x08Series 8beginning of 2024
6x09Series 9beginning of 2024
6x10Series 10beginning of 2024

Masha and the Bear. Happy New Year… Again! Funniest moments

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